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Domain auction. BIN by PM | RPiColo .com & .net

Domain auction. BIN by PM | RPiColo .com & .net

Mon5t3rMon5t3r Member
edited July 2012 in Domains

Sorry guys if i'm making a new thread in domain offer. but a couple of guys here know i have a problem with one of my provider so i'm looking for an extra cash on paypal. :P

Domain : & (bundle) Registrar : Date of registration : May 18, 2012 Starting bid : $0 BIN : Please send me a PM. End : July 23, 2012 8:59PM LET+0 (LowEndTime)

Reason : I was looking for a Raspberry colocation with this domain, but i can't find an ideal DC for this (mostly my email been ignored :P) + as i already state it in above.

Posted by, on : Mon5t3r ; July 20, 2012 ; 8:59PM

Yes! I'm with Carstensz Pyramid Server Now stop asking me please :D


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