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OVZ Web Panel - anyone using it?

OVZ Web Panel - anyone using it?

PatsPats Member
edited July 2012 in General


After playing with Proxmox (i liked, only few xtra things i didn't like), im looking upto OVZ Web Panel -

Screenshots and features look good and its recommended at OpenVZ wiki also.

Anyone using it? comments pls. :)



  • @Kujoe use it if i'm not wrong.. and i use it just for fun :P

    overall they are good to great, just need to tweak the openvz file template (not the OS). most important thing is they use ruby + webrick.. :D

    Yes! I'm with Carstensz Pyramid Server Now stop asking me please :D
  • subigosubigo Member

    I used it for a while on production servers. There are a few issues. The daemon has to be restarted a lot, due to it freezing up and WEBrick serving nothing but a blank page. I'm not sure if he ever found the bug that caused it, but it happened on all the servers I had it installed on.

  • No bandwidth usage tracking as far as im aware, at least there wasn't when i used it.

  • @joodle said: Can you install this on your own VPS and manage the VPS with it?

    not sure, but i install it in one of my KVM VPS.

    Yes! I'm with Carstensz Pyramid Server Now stop asking me please :D
  • PatsPats Member

    @Kujoe can u give ur comments ?? pls some good comments... i don't want to fall back on HyperVM :P

  • AmfyAmfy Member

    @Pats said: Anyone using it? comments pls. :)

    I'm using it on my freevps node for about 2-3 months. Working stable and without problems.

  • KuJoeKuJoe Member, Provider

    I was testing it a while back and really liked it. The WHMCS module worked nice but the issue was lack of bandwidth tracking and I didn't like needing a "master" server like SolusVM has.

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  • DamianDamian Member
    edited July 2012

    We were going to use it, however when we inquired directly about modifying the source code to meet our business needs, we were denied, despite being GPL licensed.

    Additionally we'd like to offer KVM someday, so an OVZ Web Panel wouldn't be good fo rthat.

  • InfinityInfinity Member, Provider

    I've used it for around 6 months, it's alright for personal use, the Ruby and way it runs does annoy me though, I've ran into lots of annoyances with it but they can be solved. It is lacking some features, like Ash said, no bandwidth tracking and a few more features missing. It really depends on what you want it for.

    @joodle said: Can you install this on your own VPS and manage the VPS with it?

    What do you mean..?

  • I know Use it for production server

  • DamianDamian Member

    @ynzheng said: I know Use it for production server

    The following error was encountered while trying to retrieve the URL:
    Connection to failed.
    The system returned: (61) Connection refused
    The remote host or network may be down. Please try the request again.

    Not anymore, it seems...

  • Certainly going to give this a go later today :) - Professional Netherlands VPS & Dedicated Servers upto 10Gbps!

  • PatsPats Member

    @Damian said: Not anymore, it seems...

    :) i dun wanna follow...

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