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Need fast download speed for files large archive files: Which is best? VPSDime or hubic?

Need fast download speed for files large archive files: Which is best? VPSDime or hubic?

I want to either use cloud storage such as hubic or vps such as VPSDime to store approx 600 GB of files (total 5000 files). The purpose, is so that I can have superfast simuntaneous/sequential download of these files periodically to Vultr/Digital ocean, etc and do some bigdata processing (like map-reduce). This would happen once every 2 weeks or so. There is almost no ongoing activity otherwise. So I need to be able to download as fast as possible.

On one hand is cloud storage such as AWS S3 (too expensive considering bandwidth) or hubic or Runabove cloud storage. On other hand, there is VPS Dime storage server for $11 per month.

How fast is VPSDime download speed? They say on their website that it is a 10gig connection. And has anyone compared it with some other solution?


  • VPSDime hands down! I heard Hubic's uplink was bad, not sure about downlink, but I'd imagine it wouldn't be pretty either. Oktay's service is always rock solid.

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  • Any idea how fast one can download from a VPSDime vps?

  • @aFriend said: Any idea how fast one can download from a VPSDime vps?

    use as your test file

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  • Well VPSDime's storage plans are out of stock nowadays.
    Downloading this & speed is going ~65MB/s on Dallas, Colocrossing :)

    I don't have any relation/affiliation with any LET Host, All of my comments are my own
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  • Hubic is your best choice at this very moment.

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  • mikhomikho Member, Provider

    With Hubic you get more space for less money, but with reported speeds it could take longer to download.

    it depends on many factors, on what location would you deploy the DO droplet? The best answer is to actually deploy a droplet and do a download test from each possible location that you consider to store your data.

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  • Hi there,

    If i were you i would rather pay for a dedicated server but if you are sure you want to store in a cloud i would advice or

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  • VPSDime uses Incero in Dallas, Texas.

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  • It sounds like you really need an Object Store

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  • I tried hubic - got 100GB acct for 1 euro. I didnt benchmark upload.. but did a rough benchmark of download (hubicfuse mount and then rsync to local disk): hubic -> hetzner (germany) I saw 6+MBytes/sec avg download hubic -> kimsufi (canada) I saw 4+ MBytes/sec avg download. So 30mbps - 50 mbps download looks sustainable for large files.

    I am not sure if rsync over hubicfuse is multithreaded or not, and whether the performance is better if parallel runs are possible..

    Rsync did fail downloading 3-4 files that appear to be uploaded. Will need to review this.

    Few things that desire improvements: 1. no ability for curl, wget or python script based download. 2. 100GB for 1 euro or 10 TB for 10 eur - wish there was something in between.

    Thx for comments folks.

  • @nitro85 mediafire is potentially pretty good option. I signed up, i download a 100MB file (using their python API) to my dedicated server. It was too slow - took 5 minutes on the free plan. does anyone know if the premium plan allows faster download? Also, do they support single files as large as 2 GB?

  • WilliamWilliam Member, Provider

    I have no issue with Google Drive.

  • I would go with RunAbove Object Store, it can be more expensive, (couldn't be more than 20$ if my calcs are right) and would put you with more potential changes and faster downloads and uploads.

  • As concerned a vps, I recommend Ikoula with the flex server or testing public cloud based on cloudstack. For the last one, you have an API available with AWS.

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