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What do you currently use IPv6 for?
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What do you currently use IPv6 for?

Nick_ANick_A Top Provider
edited July 2012 in General

Pretty straightforward. Directed at end users rather than hosts. What do you currently use IPv6 addresses for?

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  • AsadAsad Member

    I never use them, usually disable it. Pretty interesting in hearing what other users do with them.

  • NanoG6NanoG6 Member

    I have no idea. IPv6 sucks

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  • NickMNickM Member

    Sometimes my updates on my servers are downloaded via IPv6.

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  • yomeroyomero Member

    Nothing, absolutely nothing ¬_¬

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  • Wow, what happened to @BassHost?

  • n0myn0my Member

    I hoped it provided some ddos protection but was saddened when I heard it really didn't...

  • namename Member

    IPv6 lack of smooth migration support from IPv4, it's a pain to do big update around all network architecture. But IPv6 is still cool. : )

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  • I use it just as I use IPv4, I connect to my servers using my domains so if the server (and I) have IPv6 it goes through that. Sometimes updates are downloaded via IPv6, I access Google, Facebook, Youtube via IPv6, etc.

    Pretty much, if a host supports it my computer picks IPv6 over IPv4 ;)

  • I give them a piece of my mind:


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  • MaouniqueMaounique Provider

    I use them inside my home network and one day will manage to get it working at work too so i can connect directly without tunnels to the other end of the world and back or NAT and all. But things will get complicated because I cant trust my users to connect directly and will have to mangle a lot the current firewalls. Also never tested how it is supposed to work on layer 7 gateways, or if it is even supported... M

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  • Currently, I use IPv6 to introduce the IPv6 to my country. But most of ISP in Indonesia didn't support IPv6 yet

  • AndriAndri Member

    @ErawanArifNugroho said: most of ISP in Indonesia didn't support IPv6 yet

    This. :(

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  • AsadAsad Member

    I've not even bothered enabling IPv6 on our home modem/router yet. Too much effort upgrading the firmware and setting everything up again.

  • dirkdirk Member

    DNS servers and several webservers running it

  • joepie91joepie91 Member, Provider

    @NanoG6 said: IPv6 sucks


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  • MaouniqueMaounique Provider

    Perhaps because it is radically different and it doesnt mix well with IPv4. I personally dont think a scheme where IPv4 would have been extended somehow would have been impossible. Granted, the new scheme does allow for a lot more IPs, but it is too radical, IMO. However, it is done, we will have to live with it, so better start early and see how it goes, then make the necessary changes to adapt to everyone's situation. M

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  • NanoG6NanoG6 Member

    Perhaps because it is radically different and it doesnt mix well with IPv4.

    This, and it's hard to remember.

  • MaouniqueMaounique Provider
    edited July 2012

    @NanoG6 said: and it's hard to remember.

    Well, for me IPv4 is also hard to remember, this is why I use subdomains to point to things i need to access from time to time. I bet this will also work for IPv6, if I am too stupid to remember ipv4, ipv6 doesnt make any difference :P M

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  • emilvemilv Member

    I have it enabled on my servers for DNS, Email, Websites but personally I dont use IPv6 at home yet.

  • Most of the UK is lacking functionality of IPV6 in ISP ways anyway... Sucks really' my router can't even accept IPV6... @MrLadoodle

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  • @eastonch said: Most of the UK is lacking functionality of IPV6 in ISP ways anyway... Sucks really' my router can't even accept IPV6... @MrLadoodle

    You must enjoy mentioning me in every comment you make :).

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  • cjdns and connecting to / messing around with the darknet / Hyperboria.

    Other than that, nothing really. And I just recently began to make use of it as explained above. - Now with over 450 members! A friendly community with active discussion. Come join us!

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  • gbshousegbshouse Member, Provider

    We are using IPv6 on all our production servers also recently switched our biggest customer (10k servers +) from v4 to v6 only. If you want to get familiar with v6 (and play a little bit with IT) you can make free certification from

  • DerekDerek Member

    The only good use for them is IRC Vhosts and email marketing spam.

  • rm_rm_ Member

    @Derek not a lot of mail servers are on IPv6, so you won't get far spam-wise. Not to mention that any spam filter worth their salt will implement subnet-based blocking so it won't be any easier to spam than with IPv4.

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