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Looking for a new author for LowEndBox offers
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Looking for a new author for LowEndBox offers

mpkossenmpkossen Member
edited November 2014 in Announcements

I'm looking for someone who can assist me in writing offers for, primarily to decrease my workload. This will be a paid position where you get paid per article you write. The amount is negotiable depending on your availability and the number of articles you write.

I'm looking for someone that:

  • writes proper English, preferably a native speaker
  • has time to write a minimum of 10 offers each month on a regular basis
  • is available for occasional contact, preferably via Skype chat; we need to be able to consult each other in case it's necessary
  • is a member here!

Please send your applications as a PM to me (@mpkossen).

I'm aiming to pick two or three people out for a trial, depending on the number of responses. Those people will be provided with two tickets. Your objective will be to write two offers. I will pick the person who writes the best offers. In case you are picked, the trial offers will be published and paid. The one that is eventually selected will have his/her first month as a probationary period after which we will evaluate to see if everything works out well from both sides.

A couple of other things:

  • There is no age limit, though a bit of life experience works in your favor
  • Payments will be done via PayPal
  • Chat availability means: you are invited to a Skype group for the content writers where we chat about anything, really, but mainly about offers, etc. You don't have to sit on Skype all day or tell us when you go out for grocery shopping.
  • PMs that are written in bad English (non-capitalized I's and such) will be ignored, as will be PMs with less than two lines of text, and offers for me to contact someone's content writer or late cousin! Serious applications only, please.

Applications will be accepted up to November 16th 12:00 (noon) UTC.

I recommend Prometeus, the best provider ever!


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