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Server Merge...

Server Merge...

eastoncheastonch Member
edited July 2012 in General

Here's something that's been niggling me recently;

I'm not sure if hosts do it, or have a reason not to...

What's your thoughts on "merging" servers, eg, if I was to buy 2x $0.50/month servers from IPXCore which would give me 2x 32MB servers, would I then be able to get him to merge the two servers into 1x 64MB Server for $1/month?

If that method would be used generally; then everytime CVPS has a offer on for their 2GB @ $7, I would be essentially able to use 4GB dedicated ram for less than $15/month.

I don't see disadvantages really; any thought LET?

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  • MaouniqueMaounique Provider

    I was able to do that at times with various providers. It depends, some dont do custom plans. M

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  • I think that's something that would be up to the Provider/Host. You have to realize most of the offers posted here are promotional, and on some occasion loss leaders for them, so I can understand in some situations if a provider didn't want to stack offers like that. What they really want is you to pay for the larger VPS's to start, not just take abusive advantage of their promotions. If you are serious about hosting with a provider, take the next step and actually spend some money with them and show them you appreciate their services. You will probably find you get a better level of service and respect from the provider.

    Just my 2 cents.

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  • jarlandjarland Administrator

    I think it has everything to do with how their business plan is calculated.

  • DamianDamian Member

    If the provider merged servers together, would you want the IPs associated with them too?

  • MaouniqueMaounique Provider
    edited July 2012

    Personally, no, one of the IPs or even another entirely was ok. In theory, it is better for everyone, in practice, no, because who has 4 small servers wont use them much, but a bigger one would be able to do much more and those resources will be used. Let me take an example: 128 MB is usually used for VPN or DNS or other stuff, as such can be hosted on lowend storage, while a 512 heavy java server will potentially do much more harm than those 4 together. Ppl merge them because the old ones dont serve a purpose and sit idle mostly, and the bigger one will work much harder, usually. If you do it just for the sake of it, yeah, it will be ok, for the provider is better if you have one big ass VPS doing nothing than 4 smaller ones doing the same. M

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  • netomxnetomx Member

    @eastonch said: 4GB dedicated ram for less than $15/month. @CVPS_Chris offered $7 for 2GB, so 4GB may be $14 =P

  • Hmm, didnt know how "nice" providers would be on the topic; It was just an idea. And I think having two-independent servers is better than one larger one, depending on it's usage.

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  • jcalebjcaleb Moderator

    Some offers do specify that you can do that

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  • Many provider sell cheap packages hoping you will enjoy their services and buy the more expensive ones in future (what people call upsell), so basically double the specs could mean 4 times the price, and of course they will not allow you to combine the packages.

    Using BuyVM for example, you can't combine 2 15/year 128MB package to be a 256MB package, since 128 cost 15 each and 256 cost 35 per year if paid yearly.

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