Temporarily safely remove Hardware RAID 5 to put back in system later?

Temporarily safely remove Hardware RAID 5 to put back in system later?

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This might sound like an odd question, but I have a Dell Precision with a PERC6i Internal PCIe SAS RAID Controller. I currently have 4 SAS drives attached in a RAID5 configuration. Now I want to temporarily safely remove this Hardware RAID configuration, e.g. pull out the PCIe Card en Drives, put them in a box and put them back in the computer a few months later. The reason for this is that the PC will be used for something entirely else for a couple of months and we don't want the data on the RAID to be compromised.

Will it work if I just pull out the drives and PCIe card and label the drives and cable? Can I put it back after a couple of months without problems? Ofcourse I will make backups, but I just want to save the hassle of configuring a RAID and restoring backups.


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  • DamianDamian Member

    If the system is shutdown correctly, there shouldn't be any issue with this, as all of the cached data will be written to disk.

    Just be sure to label the drives correctly, as they will need to go back on the same ports relative to the PERC6i card.

    When you put everything back together, you may find your write speed is degraded, as the battery may have discharged. Leave the system running for a few hours, and reboot it, and it should clear the low battery flag on the controller.

  • FreekFreek Member

    Thanks! That's what I thought as well :)

    Linux noob willing to learn.

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