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MyCustomHosting 6 month review
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MyCustomHosting 6 month review

edited September 2014 in Reviews

Review of MyCustomHosting

I've been a customer of since the 8th March 2014, and over time I've obtained 2 VPS's with them, one 128MB KVM and one 512MB KVM. I decided to write a review, given I've been meaning to do one for a while.

Pricing and features

These are very well priced VPS's, especially for KVM. I've actually had a high load average (~1) for a short while on the 512MB box and, although I fixed this, I was not suspended for it, which was very nice for a box that only costs me $26/year.



Idle results are as follows:

Now - running a fairly IO intensive MySQL database and website.

wget -O - -o /dev/null|bash CPU model : QEMU Virtual CPU version (cpu64-rhel6) Number of cores : 2 CPU frequency : 3199.998 MHz Total amount of ram : 496 MB Total amount of swap : 511 MB System uptime : 149 days, 1:05, Download speed from CacheFly: 21.7MB/s Download speed from Coloat, Atlanta GA: 6.94MB/s Download speed from Softlayer, Dallas, TX: 27.2MB/s Download speed from Linode, Tokyo, JP: 10.1MB/s Download speed from, Rotterdam, NL: 3.32MB/s Download speed from Leaseweb, Haarlem, NL: 11.2MB/s Download speed from Softlayer, Singapore: 5.89MB/s Download speed from Softlayer, Seattle, WA: 14.6MB/s Download speed from Softlayer, San Jose, CA: 14.3MB/s Download speed from Softlayer, Washington, DC: 30.9MB/s I/O speed : 104 MB/s


I've been very happy with the uptime on my box. It has almost 100% uptime, although there was small downtime. Clients were notified of this promptly by MyCustomHosting, at first with:

I am aware of the issue at OVH BHS in Canada. All three nodes appear offline. More information will follow.

Then, as the situation was clarified, clients were sent this:

There is / was an issue with the main core router at OVH BHS this afternoon. The servers went offline at 4:16 PM MDT and came back online at 5:11 PM MDT. I believe this issue has been corrected or at the very least, diverted. More direct information from OVH may be had at This is their internal ticket for the issue. I'm sorry for any trouble or issues this may have caused.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!


As above, the host have been very good in communicating any downtime, which is a nice trait. However, there was, around 5 months ago, a data loss issue which affected, I believe, 3 customers. I was one of these customers. Throughout the entire process, Phil was kind, although I didn't bother attempting to recover my data, because I didn't have any worth keeping.

Since then, there've been no issues, as shown by the uptime above.

I've had a few support tickets, and found Phil to be helpful in all of them. He's been very kind and friendly, too - a level of customer engagement I've only found in a few other hosts.

This is an example ticket. Although Phil made a mistake, he rectified it, and was kind, fast (in one case within 5 minutes), and helpful. I really can't complain with 2 IP addresses for $26/yr.


I'm happy overall, especially given the cost. Phil seems to be committed to improving, so I hope for even more amazing things in the future!

Proof of Ownership

Thanked by 3MCHPhil FrankZ aglodek


  • edited April 2015

    12 month update

    The service is still fantastic. I've had great uptime (see table below).

    Phil has always been kind, prompt, and courteous in the ticket replies, and I'd really recommend his services. I'm still shocked at how well priced they are, given the performance, uptime, and support.

    Thanked by 1MCHPhil
  • I got one of their KVM promotional offers from Black Friday of this past year, and I definitely agree that MyCustomHosting is a very good provider.

    The only thing that I would emphasize to a potential newcomer is the unusual routing configuration that MyCustomHosting uses, which means that if you want to install a system from a CD, you should understand how to manually set the gateway and default route, because the installer won't get it right. If you're well-versed in such things, then you'll manage, but if you're less well-versed, you may be in for a bit of frustration at the beginning (even using the documentation that Phil provides). The easy solution is to simply install one of the KVM templates that MyCustomHosting offers, because in this case the networking parameters are pre-configured (this is what I eventually did :-D ).

    "Linux will run happily with only 4 MB of RAM, including all of the bells and whistles such as the X Window System, Emacs, and so on." (M. Welsh & L. Kaufman, Running Linux, 2e, 1996, p. 32)

  • @angstrom said:
    The only thing that I would emphasize to a potential newcomer is the unusual routing configuration that MyCustomHosting uses

    Yeah, that's true.

    To make it really easy though all the network settings are in their knowledge base. You can also install from a template, note the interface settings; then re-install from an ISO and apply said settings.

    Thanked by 1MCHPhil
  • matthewvzmatthewvz Member, Provider

    Phil is a pretty nice guy for sure. Service is awesome, can't ask for more.

    The billing info in WHMCS says hes in Albuquerque, hey neighbor!

    Thanked by 1MCHPhil
  • MCHPhilMCHPhil Member, Provider

    @matthewvz said:
    Phil is a pretty nice guy for sure. Service is awesome, can't ask for more.

    The billing info in WHMCS says hes in Albuquerque, hey neighbor!

    Yea :D I'm close to the Intel facility in Rio. Lovely weather we are having huh :)

    Transparency is key - Webhosting with a spine! - Live US based support, not to be confused with aliens.
  • matthewvzmatthewvz Member, Provider

    @MCHPhil said:

    A nice 75 here in the south valley, not excited for the coming 90s though.

    Thanked by 1MCHPhil
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