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Have you guys ever tried of this?

Have you guys ever tried of this?

alexsualexsu Member
edited July 2012 in General

I am the one who was born in under develop country (I would not like to mention the name). Being poor country, the cost to call back to my country from another location is more than any other countries. The internet connection is also bad. In addition the mobile network is also congested most of the time. But gladly, local call which is land-line phone to land-line phone is a bit easy and clearer. Please don't feel uncomfortable for long introduction. Here is the main part. We would like to connect PC sound card with one of land-line in my country. So that I could call to that pc via some free call programs such as google talk. My friend from there will dial the numbers and connects with me through gtalk.

So is there any thing to connect input and output sound of a pc with landline phone?

Sorry if my question is a bit long and confusing (Yep, my English is bad).


  • DerekDerek Member

    *Remembers the days when we had to dial into local ISP's to gain Internet access.

    There's also ADSL.

  • What you would like to achieve is called " grey/black routing" All you would need is a voip router setup at a home / office in your home country, where you have a PSTN landline and a decent network connection to stream voip channels. You could dial with a soft phone from wherever you are and it will be charged as a local call within your country over the pstn phone you are connecting with.

    Caution : 95% this would be seen illegal by the ISP/PSTN provider. So you are taking a risk here..

    PS : Mentioning the country would help to identify cheap ways to call, so you could save yourself from creating your own bunkers.

  • alexsualexsu Member
    edited July 2012

    Thank you so much. I'm sure it's illegal. :P But it's just for personal purpose. I think that should be ok. I know about routers but I would not like to buy. Instead of buying rounder, someone from local residence will dial for me. And the output from land-line phone will be connected with sound input output of PC. Just simple one. I would like to know is there any kindda things to connect between PC input output and land-line. For streaming, we would like to use free one such as gtalk or may be skype free call for pc.

  • upfreakupfreak Member
    edited July 2012

    yea it is one of the difficult countries with very ridiculous isp rules and prices. ISP's used to give you static LAN IP which are manually set, and all your logs are recorded.

    Btw, i have found two voip services which allow you to call both mobile & landline at 19/20 cents (USD) per minute. and i have tried rynga for other destinations, and would recommend it.

  • earlearl Member

    if i recalled a cheap 56k internal modem should have audio out and mic input for the pc

  • rds100rds100 Member

    Forget modems, you need an FXS card or a standalone FXS device.

  • earlearl Member

    I think you just need a male to male cable and connect the audio out from the modem to the input from the soundcard same with the mic input..

  • alexsualexsu Member
    edited July 2012

    I am currently using Rynga. It is very good for Singapore because it's free of charge. Rygna is calculated with Euro. Euro 0.219 for my country. Still a bit expensive but I am using. The problem is that I couldn't call to there usually from Morning till Afternoon. It's a bit disappointed. It might be the congestion from phone line or Rygna error. :( I haven't tested intervoip. I may test next week. @peppr Thanks

  • alexsualexsu Member

    Thank you so much. I am interesting more in FXS card. :) Modem is not working well. I've tested. @earl @rds100 Thank you so much for your feedback

  • earlearl Member

    here is a pic.. the green for audio out and the pink for mic in..

    pic of 3.5 MM MALE TO MALE HEADPHONE :

  • rds100rds100 Member

    Your phone line has 100+ Volts when ringing. Forget connecting sound cards directly to the phone line - you will burn the sound card.

  • upfreakupfreak Member
    edited July 2012

    rynga and intervoip are both from the same provider. so one of these is enough.
    Yea. works well from there afaik. to use this for free, you must add your rynga account with gtalk2voip. and the person in your home country will use gtalk to call your mobile/landline via rynga+gtalk2voip. If you live in a country where rynga is free, you can talk for free (300 minutes or watever limit rynga has) and the other person uses gtalk so it is not officially blocked.

  • earlearl Member
    edited July 2012

    @rds100 said: Your phone line has 100+ Volts when ringing. Forget connecting sound cards directly to the phone line - you will burn the sound card.

    Hmm.. should not effect your sound card cause your connecting the Rj11 to the modem not the sound card directly... since the audio out is coming from the modem this would not give out 100v

  • rds100rds100 Member

    Yes, the modem has transformers and is insulated from the phone line. So going through modem would not cause electrical problem. Still, get a proper FXS card or device :)

  • 96mb96mb Member
    edited July 2012

    @alexsu said: I am currently using Rynga. It is very good for Singapore because it's free of charge.

    Since when Singapore is a under developed country?

    And honestly, if you are from the mainland China region (since your name seems to suggest so), calling from mainland China to overseas is not that expensive as well these days.

    BUT, if you want to save money, what you could do is to have your friend on the other end of the world to buy a VOIP plan with a Chinese dial-in number so you can call him/her at a cheap rate, but he/she has to foot the bill though...

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  • OliverOliver Member, Provider

    @96mb said: Since when Singapore is a under developed country?

    I don't think he was referring to Singapore with his 'under development' comment. He did mention what country he was referring to but I think it was edited out.

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  • alexsualexsu Member

    Yep @Oliver due to some reasons, I removed country name.

  • hmm, have you tried skype yet? I remember using it with 128kbps vsat in the middle of the ocean and the quality is acceptable. I mean its 128kbps, your internet connection in the country can't be any worse than a VSAT right? - Tips and tricks in life, information and technology news to get things done

  • @cosmicgate: unless its a cloudy/stormy place.

    Joking aside, my post has no relevance to this post at all. I will show myself out.

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  • Halfeatenpizza: the benchmark was based on 128kbps vsat connection( bandwidth is super expensive for vsat)which is prone to weather interference. Assuming he is using land base Internet, 128kbps is sufficient for skype call.

    And no cloud/stormy will not be an issue for him? - Tips and tricks in life, information and technology news to get things done

  • KairusKairus Member

    Long shot, but can you get a google voice number from your country? Would make the calls come up as local, no?

  • alexsualexsu Member

    @cosmicgate Skype call is ok for people who has internet connection. To be honest, internet fee is expensive in our country (more than 70 Usd per month. In addition the connection is bad most if the time). That is why I need to call to a person who has internet. That one will help me to call my home via landline(local call). So the medium is needed to connect between his landline and his computer.

    @Kairus we do not have such thing. Even local call is so hard to make sometime.

  • alexsualexsu Member

    @cosmicgate I forgot to mention initial setup fee. The initial setup fee for internet is more than 500 Usd for normal 512 kbps line. But you will get lower than 128 kbps most of the time except dawn. This is for personal home internet plan. If you apply commercial line, it costs more than 1000 Usd for initial fee. Voip such as skype pfingo are strongly restricted by gov laws. Only normal gtalk voice chat can be used. :P

  • earlearl Member

    how about this?

    mini handsfree phone

    and use a audio/mic cable instead of the included headphone/mic..

    audio/mic cable

  • alexsualexsu Member

    Yep That should work Thanks @earl

  • alexsualexsu Member

    @earl I am totally happy with your suggestion. It works well. Thanks

    Thanked by 1earl
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