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File Sync between windows-->NAS-->Linux VPS
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File Sync between windows-->NAS-->Linux VPS

I'm looking for a good stable application that can sync files/folders on my Home PC to a NAS box and then a selective sync to a linux VPS.

The files to locally backup are around 2000GB and to upload I look for around 100GB of utmost importance. kindly share the ideas please.

Please see I'm NOT asking for Backup, I'm asking for Synchronization, that is the changes I make on my principal box shall be replicated across NAS and VPS.



  • BitTorrent sync at

  • Thanks... Will check. Have been seeing a lot of talk about this but didn't really give it a look. Is it Stable and Good to have local file backups ? and most importantly, is it fast ?

  • What software is your NAS running?

    I used rsync.

    Taking a hiatus.

  • I use FullSync (SFTP) on windows for uploading my music to my VPS. | UK XEN VPS from £2 | See their special offers starting from 12£/year here

  • KuJoeKuJoe Member, Provider

    If the NAS is a Synology NAS then use CloudStation. I love it.

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  • Well, NAS is not decided, I'm yet to buy... I was inclined to make a cheap one using FreeNAS/UnRaid.

    Rsync doesn't work on windows right ? unless there's a port now. I'd love the simple thing though.

    I may take out NAS from equation, just fit in another 3TB drive into my PC for SYNCing my primary 3TB Data, and then use VPS for the super sensitive 100/200 GB Data

  • +1 for btsync

  • Syncthing is a really nice open source alternative to BTSync. Using it on my seedboxes to sync new stuff between them and my PCs/phone.

  • +1 for Syncthing

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