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Looking for affordable UK LEB
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Looking for affordable UK LEB

twochairtwochair Member
edited October 2011 in General

Hey guys

Do any of you happen to have the link to Quickweb's speed test file for their UK network? I would appreciate if you could post it here.

I sent an email to QuickWeb's sales yesterday to request for the speed test file but until now they still haven't got back to me. Their live chat too has been offline since yesterday.

So much for

On side note, I'm looking around for some affordable UK LEB's with these spec in the price range of 10-25 USD or below. I'm going to use this VPS primarily for VPN which will be used by few people to stream BBC iPlayer. Hard disk space isn't really important but I certainly need a large monthly bandwidth allotment.

RAM 512-1GB
Monthly bandwidth 500GB-1000GB
1Gbit network preferably

Could you recommend me some UK providers that offer this plan?


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