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EDIS News 07.12 (New Locations!)
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EDIS News 07.12 (New Locations!)

WilliamWilliam Member, Provider
edited June 2012 in Providers

(Punch line: Who will steal the location ideas this time?.... we will see :-))

Hello from EDIS, better said me in Maribor because Graz is way too hot today (still 30°C compared to 25°C here) where i was not even able to order a coffee because no one here in this Café seems to understand English or German (but i was able to get a Cola at least)

Anyway, this is not a thread about Slovenia so lets start with the news:

We know many are not happy with our ISP choice in Italy, while I3B is perfect in Austria (and their NOC and support is the best and most helpful i've ever seen) their footprint in Italy is not very large and the pricing is simply not actual anymore.
Thus we have sent out new equipment, which will also enable KVM + IPv6, to our new ISP - CDLAN.
Current VRS customers don't need to do anything, all VRS will be migrated to the new location without any IP changes, same goes for webhosting customers.
KVM will be available in ca. 3 weeks, along with native IPv6.
ETA 3 weeks

Hong Kong
HK has been choosen for the Asian footprint for now, a second location in Singapore maybe follows in 6-12 months - We were able to get some BW guarantees out of our ISP so the quality should be fine for a LEB service.
There will be IPv6, like in Iceland, over a tunnel to under our own AS# (2-5ms ping to the HE tunnel endpoint in HK)
ETA 2 weeks

Spain has been ordered after very long ISP talks (i must note here that Spain was the FIRST country where 90% of the ISPs did not even reply, 7% did not speak ANY english, 2% had no idea what they actually sell, and 1% was the provider we
picked then) - It will be natively IPv6 enabled and connected by Gbit.
ETA 2 weeks

Yes, you read right, that is the long country on the left side of south america - KVM and VRS will be offered, with tunneled IPv6 (+100-150ms) on our own AS - BW is -50% like in Iceland, Pricing likely stays the same.
Peering with Telmex and others throughout South America, Telecom Italia, Level3 and others.
ETA 4 weeks

Iceland is available now, with IPv6 (tunneled), connected by Gbit.

That is it for today :)



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