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iWHMCS finally updated
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iWHMCS finally updated

Finally updated to the new iOS and WHMCS version.


  • onepoundonepound Member, Provider

    I am in shock

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  • InfinityInfinity Member, Provider

    Android better come soon. ;p

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  • I wonder if it notifies you when someone creates a ticket.

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  • I'm in a state of disbelief.

  • why they didn't update aWHMCS :/

  • @Infinity said:
    Android better come soon. ;p
    @shyaminayesh said:
    why they didn't update aWHMCS :/

    3-4 weeks till beta, apparently.

    I thought I was having a heart attack when I first saw it.

  • Jono20201 said: I thought I was having a heart attack when I first saw it.

    ha ha ...

  • The update works way better then the original one that was not updated for the longest time. For the monthly cost wanted from WHMCS seems decent enough as long as they continue to keep the project active with new features and updates. What would be nice though is if one could access some of the third-party addon's such as fraudrecord directly through the mobile app, would make approving orders while on the road much easier.

  • I've recently downloaded this. I have to say I'm fairly impressed. I'd been loading up WHMCS on the browser and when I had poor internet connection outside of the office it just wouldn't load, the same can't be said for the app it still loads with poor slow internet connection on 3G, so it works perfectly for me. I've sent a few suggestions in to them though, they've got back to me and taken them on-board which is always a good thing!

  • Looks pretty legitimate, can't wait for the Android version.;

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  • I've bought this, and i cant get it work for processing order, it just can mark as paid but not executed the process of registering domain nor creating hosting account :\

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