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Weird issue need advice

Weird issue need advice

RandyRandy Disabled
edited June 2012 in Help

i am installing windows server 2003 but when it loads the iso its english but when it comes to the installation part it becomes korean and after i install the whole vps became korean. i have also downloaded MS windows server 2003 iso but its still korean for some reason. :S

anyone know where cam i get a version of the iso in english/ ( i got the keys )

there might be somthing wrong at my end or the iso is korean or somthing.


  • RobertRobert Member

    I'm fairly certain you have the wrong ISO. There are Korean only versions of quite a few MS OS's. When my other half worked out there she had to buy a separate Windows licence as the the pre-installed version was 'Windows Vista K' and the language couldn't be changed.

    I always assumed it was to try and combat the rampant piracy in that part of the world. By making Korean only versions, they can sell them cheaply and not have to worry that they'll get exported to other countries.

  • RandyRandy Disabled

    that is a real bitch

    @Robert said: By making Korean only versions, they can sell them cheaply and not have to worry that they'll get exported to other countries.

  • MaouniqueMaounique Member
    edited June 2012

    From what I know keys do work for any language. For example, I bought an italian laptop which had italian keyboard and windows, just used the key on it, installed english version of the same OS and type, activation worked. Then changed language to romanian, keyboard to italian, and now there is a happy poor old woman that can learn computers and internet for 50 dollars. You can change language from English, but not the other way around except in some cases. I think you should just dl an image of the same type in english and use your own keys. It should be on torrents or other filesharing, as long as you use legit keys, I think is OK. M


  • RandyRandy Disabled

    yes. i do have legit keys. :)

  • RandyRandy Disabled
    edited June 2012

    i found a english version finally. its weird that microsoft ones arnt english lol i got them from

  • They use cryptic codes of them, like ENU for english US, KR for korean, if your IP was korean, might have selected the wrong product at DL. M


  • RandyRandy Disabled

    maybe. :)

  • miTgiBmiTgiB Member, Provider

    Is this KVM or bare metal?

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  • AFAIK pretty much all microsoft products, at least Server00/XP/Server03, have been language-locked (i.e. the system language is set at install and you can't [easily] change it).

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  • RandyRandy Disabled

    its XEN.

  • RandyRandy Disabled

    yeah. you cant easily change it

  • After you installed, but you can reinstall the english version with the same keys and then change to any language. If you need to change after install, then it is harder, I did it some time ago but was a lot of hacking and the worst part was not to change the menus and stuff per se, but to convince the system to take the correct updates, the old language ones (NOR) were working the new ones didnt, in the end I managed but I said i wont be doing it again, took way more time than back-up and reinstall. M


  • RandyRandy Disabled

    okay i got the eng version

    sadly solus cant reset winodows pass via solusvm. this is the sad part

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