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    ACTUALLY DDoS Protected VPS ~44Gbps NTP Reflection (UDP)
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    ACTUALLY DDoS Protected VPS ~44Gbps NTP Reflection (UDP)

    Hello LowEndTalk,

    It seems someone here really doesn't want us to be around, but we're not giving up anytime soon. We're currently looking for a solution that could handle approximately 44Gbps of NTP Reflection attack (UDP), as well as UDP SYN slowflood. We are currently working to cover the other layers (with DNSSec and SiteLock).

    We currently need something on the BlackLotus 100Ge network, or a similar offer; a server that can act as the front-end to handle and filter the brunt of the attacks. We plan to install Open Daylight to filter anything that gets past the protection, and SiteLock to protect against WAF and related.

    Price need not be within the LET range, PM offers.

    Best Regards!

    Acting Director of Albino Geek Services Ltd. My Keybase ID ( gh ) | Enterprise KVM Virtual Private Servers | Twitter / Status : @ GoodHostingCo



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