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    Suggest me a server for fast torrentflux and rapidleech
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    Suggest me a server for fast torrentflux and rapidleech

    mobiboymobiboy Member
    edited August 2014 in Requests

    can any one suggest me a good and superfast server in 20$ a month for hosting a torrentflux and rapidleech used by on an average 10 users?? Our bandwidth usage is hardly 6TB a month, i was using vdsware vds1 plan costing 26.25$ a month from past 8 months, for first 6 months everything was smooth but from last 2 months the servers are hanging regularly or sometimes there is a low transfer speed while transfer from the vds to other servers. So thought to try something new this month. i just need a very fast transferring server like 1gbps or 2gbps dedicated port. Please suggest me germany,france or netherland location servers only.


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