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My Experience with SliceBox
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My Experience with SliceBox

agoldenbergagoldenberg Member, Provider
edited August 2014 in Reviews

When @Slicebox advertised their server deals in this thread ( I thought I would give them a try for a month and see how things went.


My server was provisioned within an hour of ordering and the credentials were emailed to me ready to rock.


I opened a total of 3 support tickets. Ticket 1 was opened at 5:10PM and answered by 5:43PM.
Ticket 2 was opened at 4:27PM and was answered by 6:05PM and ticket 3 was opened at 3PM and answered by 6:00 PM.

All in all the support was fantastic and helpful as far as I am concerned for a $30 server.


@Slicebox offers 100mbit unmetered and the network performs as it should at 100mbit. I have zero complaints and had zero packet loss or downtime in the month.


Another awesome budget provider with good support, great pricing, and a stable network (at least for the month I ran with them).

Thanked by 1FrankZ


  • Wrong section mate. Should be in reviews.

  • agoldenbergagoldenberg Member, Provider

    Woops! Changed it. My bad :)

  • Agreed. I also have a box with them in LAX and it performed quite good. No downtime on the network for about a month and I'm using it as production server now.

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