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New rules on reviews
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New rules on reviews

Over the past couple of weeks, more and more threads have popped up of people ordering with a provider without doing any research whatsoever. The threads are mostly short, without any proof, and without any specific goal. The sole purpose is basically sharing frustration. We are going to put an end to this.

If you are frustrated with a company shortly after ordering because your order wasn't delivered fast enough, the number of OS is not to your liking, a support ticket goes unanswered for 6 hours, or anything that comes close to that: go to the Cest Pit.

If you have a bad experience with a provider, don't like the way a support ticket was written, are you really satisfied with your IP address, or your provider doesn't support IPv6 even though you thought they would: go to the Cest Pit.

If you have an actual issue that you really thing needs a thread on it's own AND you are willing to share proof of being a customer and any support tickets, feel free to open a thread. BUT ONLY if you plan on writing more than 10 lines. There is not a VPS issue on the planet that can reasonably be explained in less than 10 lines.

Any threads that should have been in the Cest Pit will be closed immediately. Any fake reviews or unwillingness to share proof could result in a temporary ban. The Rules & Guidelines have been updated.

I recommend Prometeus, the best provider ever!

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