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node management companies
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node management companies

RandyRandy Disabled
edited June 2012 in Providers

as above says



  • KairusKairus Member


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  • So are you gonna tell us now how your company is called?

  • KuJoeKuJoe Member, Provider


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  • onepoundonepound Member, Provider

    @Randy said: as above says

    It says 'node management companies'

    is this a form of online scrabble?? ;-)

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  • RandyRandy Disabled

    no i meant any nodes management companies that you guys are aware of?

  • RandyRandy Disabled

    u got the wrong message people

  • There are plenty of server management companies. What kind of service expectations do you have?

    Response times


  • RandyRandy Disabled

    linux based nodes without any panel just pure SSH

  • RandyRandy Disabled

    list me what companies that is your brain right now. ;-)

  • KairusKairus Member

    What exactly are you looking for? Outsourced support that will handle tickets, etc? Or server hardening and set up?

  • RandyRandy Disabled

    server hardering . to me myself

  • RandyRandy Disabled

    i would never outsorcue

  • TazTaz Disabled

    Vouch for Rack911 Steve. If you can afford, This is the best place.

    Time is good and also bad. Life is short and that is sad. Dont worry be happy thats my style. No matter what happens i won't lose my smile!

  • CloudxtnyHostCloudxtnyHost Member, Host Rep

    Rack911 are good.

    I've also dealt with a few of the techs from for another business I was involved in and they were both cheap and the guys actually listened and allowed me to tell them how to deal with issues.

    The main problem with server management companies is they do not listen and you find your business being planned around how they do stuff rather than how you want things to be done!!!

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  • miTgiBmiTgiB Member

    @Randy said: i would never outsorcue

    I'm a little puzzled by this thread, you want to know companies that will manage your nodes, but also would never outsource, so what do you need to know? If you don't feel confident to manage your own nodes, maybe a visit to the deadpool is where you should try first.

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  • @Randy said: linux based nodes without any panel just pure SSH

    That has no relation to the 'important' questions I asked you.

  • laaevlaaev Member

    +1 for Rack911

  • @Randy said: i would never outsorcue

    Why is outsourcing still looked at as such a negative thing? :(

  • RandyRandy Disabled

    i will outsorced but not to my customers.
    @EEC. outsource will have a huge space between you and your customers.

    @FTN_kelvin. thanks i will check them out

  • AlexBarakovAlexBarakov Member, Provider

    Outsourcing is bad. (stated by you)
    You are looking for outsourced node management? (stated by u)
    Uhm... wtf?

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  • @Randy said: i would never outsorcue

    @Randy said: i will outsorced but not to my customers.

    Is this some kind of sick joke.

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  • RandyRandy Disabled

    neo. go and work and not surfing LET.

    it is different. they are helping me to manage things

  • RandyRandy Disabled

    its kinda hard to understand for you.

  • RandyRandy Disabled

    mitogb. i dont see this as an issue everyone needs to learn. it wont go dead

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  • CloudxtnyHostCloudxtnyHost Member, Host Rep


    Basically you are looking for someone to manage your servers on the backend and you continue to provide support to your customers.

    Is that correct?

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  • RandyRandy Disabled

    yes. that is what i meant

  • RandyRandy Disabled

    i have found what i need, thanks people

    /request closed

  • raindog308raindog308 Administrator, Moderator

    @EricCubixCloud said: Why is outsourcing still looked at as such a negative thing? :(

    Because it is.

    For LET support, please visit the support desk.

  • taiprestaipres Member
    edited June 2012

    @raindog308 said: Because it is.

    Depends on how you do it, personally I think outsourcing is smart business if it frees you up from tedious things and is cost effective. But if you put a guy who can barely speak english on sales tickets where the majority of your customers are American...that's not very wise. I also get annoyed at some customers like hetzner, I get they're German but surely they have a great deal of American and or English speaker customers in general, they need to invest in a better support team. When I tried their live support the guy literally told me he didn't understand what I was saying, as is in English, granted was a support ticket but still, the language barrier was frustrating. over 80 cheap VPS deals listed, from providers in 14 countries, and 3 continents!

  • jcalebjcaleb Moderator

    if the outsourcing company has stocks/ownership of your service, i guess it's ok.

  • BluBoyBluBoy Member

    @raindog308 said: Because it is.

    With a hundred different aspects of running a technical business, you can either know a little about it all, or hire someone who knows a lot about a little part of it.
    Very few small businesses can know everything about it all, manage it all and still have time to sleep.

    If you can find the right person/company (which is quite difficult actually), there are significant gains to be made by outsourcing.

    Checkout my blog. I review VPS providers and mess around with Debian and FreeBSD!

  • mikhomikho Member, Provider

    Rack911, steven is an old friend (hosted his first site, atleast i think it was his first).
    havent spoken to him in awhile though.

    He has helped me a few times when i had problems with some vps and the support couldnt find the problem.

    I can now be found at
    or on twitter
    Come say HI! :)
  • jhjh Member

    I do server management for a few VPS companies. Hit me up if there's something you need fixed :)

  • RandyRandy Disabled
    edited June 2012


  • CloudxtnyHostCloudxtnyHost Member, Host Rep


    One of the companies I manage the support team for used We3cares and although they try hard at the start they go down hill very fast (in my experience). They also find it very hard to listen to instructions so they function as your business requires.

    I'd not recommend them to people in the community until you've used them for a few months etc.

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  • I've been looking for node level support, but my issue is finding a company that will do it on a case by case basis. I rarely get support tickets from my VPS customers unless something on the node is not working right. Even my cPanel shared hosting customers fall into the rare category, but webbycart handles that just fine. I usually beat them to the ticket, I only have them around for the rare times I'm busy on something else or I'm asleep :) we all have to sleep sometime.

  • RandyRandy Disabled

    thanks for the heads up httpzoom. i will keep that in mind. james has been active responded to me quick. i still want to give them a shot. many peps at wht suggested them and they got a pretty good rep.

    hoever. i wil not forget what you said about them. i will stay alert
    i might even update this thread as i go along ;-)

  • RandyRandy Disabled

    if you can give me examples of what went wrong it will be great

  • CloudxtnyHostCloudxtnyHost Member, Host Rep

    Well I cant go into exact details, however when I took over running the brand they didn't offer the same quality I demanded. We started putting in place little changes to stop the use of poor English and get customers better more detailed responses.

    This is were things started going wrong and they were unable to advise all of their staff members to work in a correct manor. We actually found if we shouted enough they'd do it for a week and then fall into their old ways.

    In the end we kept using them as well as our internal staff and unless a ticket was left alone for 45+ minutes they wouldn't respond to anything and the tickets they did were poorly done.

    As you are using them for your backend node support you probably will not experience this issue, however I'd be worried about them making your servers work to fit their needs rather than your needs.

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  • RandyRandy Disabled

    hmm. thanks. james english were pretty good i dont know about their staff tho

    how poor is their english ? can you dig up some old tickets;-)

  • CloudxtnyHostCloudxtnyHost Member, Host Rep

    I couldn't do that but they use phrases like "please be awaited" which customers laugh at!

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  • KeiroDKeiroD Member

    Ouch, dude.

    I used to use PlatinumServerManagement for managing our cPanel servers. I'm thinking I need to do that again at some point... if only to cover me for when I'm asleep. :/

  • RandyRandy Disabled

    PSM dose not provide support to your customers

  • We3Cares is a good value for what you get, you pay for what you get :)

    You can't really pay for cheap Indian support and expect USA or UK experienced support fluent in English.

  • CloudxtnyHostCloudxtnyHost Member, Host Rep

    Depends what your paying them and what they advertise in my opinion.

    █ - Shared Hosting and VPS Hosting
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  • RandyRandy Disabled

    we3cares says good english on its site or somthing like that

  • Stay away from Indian based support if you can.

    Seriously - you'll go through so many companies trying to find the 'right' one.

    I've dealt with a dozen or so over the years and only 1 could speak and type decent English, in the end they moved on to bigger and better things. As above, communication is such a crucial factor and most of the time they cannot comprehend your instructions.

    Yes I realize there are the exceptions and I've dealt with We3Cares. They seem to be the 'better' of the bunch, but I don't think I'll be dealing with them again any time soon either.

    Their first response is always 'we are looking in to the issue' for all tickets. Then it doesn't get resolved for 24+ hours.

  • RandyRandy Disabled

    thank you for sharing your reviews

    i wont need any management for now but do suggest

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