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Azure Linux Virtual Machines
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Azure Linux Virtual Machines

gbshousegbshouse Member, Provider
edited June 2012 in General

So I've set up 2 VMs (Ubuntu 12.04 LTS) on Windows Azure. Both are located in Asia - as far as I know Singapore and Hong Kong. Since ICMP is disabled (and I'm unable to enabled it) you can run traceroute.

IP (AS8069) From OneAsiaHost (Singapore) 1 0.019 ms 0.008 ms 0.006 ms 2 0.284 ms 0.283 ms 0.298 ms 3 54.692 ms 66.674 ms 45.659 ms 4 30.980 ms 30.627 ms 30.812 ms 5 30.814 ms 31.217 ms 31.229 ms 6 34.284 ms 31.018 ms 30.874 ms 7 30.856 ms 30.916 ms 30.938 ms

From HostVirtual (Hong Kong) 1 0.629 ms 0.793 ms 0.775 ms 2 1.288 ms 1.271 ms 1.243 ms 3 2.569 ms 2.564 ms 2.543 ms 4 2.711 ms 2.783 ms 2.746 ms 5 2.577 ms 2.589 ms 2.531 ms 6 3.067 ms 2.590 ms 2.603 ms

IP (AS8069) From OneAsiaHost (Singapore) 1 0.028 ms 0.007 ms 0.006 ms 2 0.186 ms 0.180 ms 0.172 ms 3 0.394 ms 0.573 ms 0.574 ms 4 0.232 ms 0.226 ms 0.227 ms 5 0.454 ms 0.505 ms 0.512 ms

From HostVirtual (Hong Kong) 1 0.881 ms 0.820 ms 0.823 ms 2 1.622 ms 1.605 ms 1.697 ms 3 2.221 ms 2.202 ms 2.179 ms 4 3.389 ms 3.337 ms 3.488 ms 5 33.123 ms 32.540 ms 33.103 ms 6 32.834 ms 32.583 ms 32.964 ms 7 32.608 ms 32.187 ms 32.481 ms 8 32.208 ms 33.174 ms 32.607 ms 9 * 32.986 ms *

If anyone is interested I can run few more test



  • It's 30-day trial right?

  • gbshousegbshouse Member, Provider

    No, we are in BizSpark and we can run up to 12 extra small VMs each month for free for 3 years.

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  • I got DreamSpark from my education, but no free offers for me I think :(

    Check my blog for more cool *nix tips & tricks!

  • gbshousegbshouse Member, Provider

    OK few first impressions:

    Cons: - no ICMP support (simply saying it's not possible to ping it), - no IPv6 support, - since no ICMP it's not possible to setup HE.NET tunnel,

    Pros: - amazing management panel, - easy setup, - good connectivity, - good locations (East and West US, West and North Europe, East and South-East Asia), - you can prepare your own VHD with any Linux OS an provision it to Azure

    Total score: 8/10

  • WilliamWilliam Member, Provider

    They have a free trial as well (German) Cheapest windows 'VPS' is ca. 7EUR / month, not bad.

  • gbshousegbshouse Member, Provider

    @William - as far as I know for Windows you need to activate it with your own license key :(

  • raindog308raindog308 Moderator

    Thanks. I've been playing with it as well, mainly because of MSDN.

    Their panel is awesome, I agree.

    I could do without the "endpoint" configuration stuff.

    I wish it had a console. I changed my SSH port without setting up the right "endpoint" and had to reinstall the OS. Be extra careful with iptables :-)

    The inability to resize disk is a pain, though not fatal - you can create a new one, move things over, nuke the old.

    I have reported a serious bug. If you detach a disk without unmounting it in the VM OS, the VM crashes.

    I do wish you could put the OS disk on a persistent disk. That to me is really a headache. I've been creating scripts to do all post-install config, since if the VM's disk dies (it's raid, etc. but still) and the VM moves, I could start with a blank OS.

    Overall...I prefer EC2. But honestly I prefer a good VPS provider to either, because of the more generous bandwidth, console access, and the ability to buy the provider's stickers.

    My Advice: VPS Advice

    For LET support, please click here.

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  • prometeusprometeus Member, Provider

    @raindog308 said: and the ability to buy the provider's stickers.

    What about t-shirts?

    IperWeb & Prometeus, Hosting Provider since 1997. iwStack cloud infrastructure
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