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$3 /mo: 512mb Ram | 512mb vSwap | 30GB disk | 2048GB Bandwidth @ 1Gbps.
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$3 /mo: 512mb Ram | 512mb vSwap | 30GB disk | 2048GB Bandwidth @ 1Gbps.

Hello Everyone,

If you're looking for an affordable, reliable and fast OpenVZ vps, choose us!

*Note our community forum is currently down but we will look to get that back up and running. was originally founded, by me (Sam Hambling), on July 16 2012 so we are nearly two years old. Plato Puthur came on board last year as an equal partner in holderhost. We are a registered company in New Zealand.

Who are we?

-Sam Hambling (me): I've been a webmaster since 2010. I currently own a charity website called and I am studying toward a BCom/BA at Auckland University with my BA majoring in logic and computation (which is logic philosophy and computer science).

-Plato Puthur: Plato is a successful webmaster and programmer. He owns the popular technology blog and the viral site which has its own Android application. Plato has also programmed a couple of small Xenforo modifications and a Wordpress plugin.

-Sam Lowe: a current Sales Operator at holderhost.

512mb Plan:

512mb Dedicated Ram | 512mb vSwap

1 IP

30GB diskspace

2048GB bandwidth

1Gbs port

Price: $4.5/month $3/ month or $30 / Year (Coupon: LET512)

1Gb Plan:

1024mb Dedicated Ram | 1024mb vSwap

1 IP

75GB diskspace

3072GB bandwdith

1Gbs port

Price: $7/month $5/ month (Coupon: LET1024)

2GB Plan:

2048mb Dedicated Ram | 2048mb vSwap

1 IP

150GB diskspace

4096GB bandwidth

1Gbs port

Price: $10/month $7/month or $21/Qtr (Coupon: LET2048)


Additional IPs: $1.5/mo (we may be able to do bulk pricing with justification, please contact us).

CPU: Intel Xeon Dual Six Core L5639 processor with hyperthreading (24 total threads)
Disks: 4x3TB 7200rpm Enterprise Hard Drive RAID 10


Virtual servers are provisioned in the PhoenixNAP datacenter in Phoenix, Arizona (United States).

You can read about the datacenter here.

Important Links:

Privacy Policy

Quick AUP: IRC, Public Proxies, Public VPNs, Public Torrenting, TOR, Gameservers are not allowed. Nothing Illegal in the US (including Spamming). - A free and fast image host. Powered by a Bunny and a Pony!


  • orakorak Member

    I assume it is a shared port? Isn't 2GB bw a bit low for 1gbps?
    Also, any test IPs?

  • This is a shared port. Where is the 2GB bandwidth sorry? And yes I can provide a test IP/ file if you would like (just message me or reply here and I will pm it to you :) ).

    Thanks! - A free and fast image host. Powered by a Bunny and a Pony!

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