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Colo Offer in Dubai

Colo Offer in Dubai

rskrsk Member, Provider
edited June 2012 in General

Hello guys,

I have been battling to find a descent colo offer in Dubai, since that is where we operate from - and most of our clients are from Dubai.

Since Penta has a new datacenter, and the previous two datacenters gave me really bad offers - I decided to make my chances and shoot them an email. This is what I got ..

Code Name Unit Price Description RCK1 2U Rack Space 2U 300.00 Shared rack 0.25KVA included DIA1 1Mbps DIA 1Mbps 250.00 Dedicated Internet Access, Unlimited Traffic, 1Mbps – 1xIP Address DIA2 2Mbps DIA 2Mbps 450.00 Dedicated Internet Access, Unlimited Traffic, 2Mbps – 2xIP Addresses

I do not think I will ever be able to setup LEB offers from Dubai ...

The conversion rate is the price (RCK1+DIA1) or (RCK1+DIA2) and then divide by 3.68 to get USD. Still too expensive, and the bandwidth is terrible.


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