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The Q Host

You heard right! A Fire Sale! We have a a slew of new nodes in Chicago ready for use and want to make this lifetime special offer!

SolusVM Control Panel
3072mb Ram
50gb RAID-10 HDD
2TB Bandwidth
100mbps Port Speed
1 IPv4 Address
vSwap Enabled
Full Control
One-Click OS Reloads
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
24/7 Support
OpenVZ Powered

$4 / Month - **LIFETIME OFFER**
These servers can only be offered as month to month at such a reduced price, no extended (quarterly, etc) terms are permitted. 


Direct Link


No Coupon Needed!


Chicago is on GTT / nLayer / Zayo.


Host Machines:

Intel Xeon E3-1270v2 @ 3.3/3.5ghz (8 Hyper-Threaded Cores)

32GB Low Latency DDR3 Memory ECC Registered

RAID-10 SAS 15,000rpm HDD

Feel free to post any questions in regards to our servers! We're here to answer them! :)


  • FYI for potential buyers, this company is run by End of Reality (who were banned from LET/B some time ago)

  • NekkiNekki Moderator

    What's on fire in Chicago?

    Here lies Nekki. He loved massive amounts of storage, K-Pop and calling people cunts.

  • @Nekki said:
    What's on fire in Chicago?

    According to Wikipedia, a fire sale is

    A fire sale is the sale of goods at extremely discounted prices, typically when the seller faces bankruptcy or other impending distress.

    Bad choice of wording?

    Favourite host in general: Ramnode (affiliate link)
    Favourite host for hourly billing/custom ISOs: Vultr ($50 free credit for new accounts, affiliate link)

  • Howdy,

    To address the first comment so that there isn't any confusion, gray area or skewed lines. I openly and admittedly work for End of Reality (EOR), anyone who has servers with that company knows me(Matt). While I do work for End of Reality, this is a venture that is completely separate from that other job and company as a whole. I am self employed and run this company with my own set of staff that is completely, 100%, unadulterated independent from EOR. The only benefit I have that works in my favor in regards to my relation with EOR is the fact that I get better rates and the experience I gained while with them. I believe in a simple and fair rule that I pass on to my clients, if I am getting good rates, why don't I pass that on? That's been my goal from the beginning when I started The Q Host, nothing more, nothing less. I am open to answering more questions if needed but I want this to focus on the offer at hand and questions regarding our services, support and anything else directly related to what I can offer potential clients. Thanks Guys!

  • theqhosttheqhost Member
    edited August 2014

    @hostnoob said:
    Bad choice of wording?

    You got me there! Whoops, we're not going anywhere, rest assured!

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