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report this fb account right now please ...
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report this fb account right now please ...

NelNel Disabled

this is a fake,this person is uploading my cousin's images on her profile picture.As far as I know that profile is being run by male gamer.he is cunning me please ... :/


  • NyrNyr Member

    Report it to your local police department.

    Thanked by 1vedran
  • That facebook account was created on September 3, 2011, so I doubt it is fake

  • What proof do you have that it's a fake account? Any links to the original accounts where the photos are being taken from? What's the name of the gamer and why is he doing something like this?

  • Link your cousin's Facebook profile as well, because at this point it could be a scam on your part as well. Why do you ask random people on a public forum instead of your cousin's friends?

    Thanked by 1jar
  • jarjar Provider
    1. Who are you?

    2. Not your personal army.

    Founder @ MXroute

  • vedranvedran Member

    I'm sorry but this won't work due to reasons stated above

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