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Kudos to Luna Node for great service
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Kudos to Luna Node for great service

VallVall Member
edited June 2014 in Reviews

Kudos to Luna Node for great service!

Usually people (myself included) only go to the trouble to post on LowEndTalk when they get bad service. Well, I'm bucking the trend and posting this one just because I've been receiving not just good, but great service from Luna node.

They had some network/hosting issues a few weeks ago (not their fault but their datacenter's), and they recovered pretty fast and handled everything just peachy for me.

Yesterday, something came up and I had a urgent special request, and again they handled everything efficiently, courteously and pretty fast. I only have a very inexpensive and low-end VPS with them, but they are always meeting and exceeding my expectations. In fact, I've received worse service from providers where I spent many times the amount I spend with them every month.

Way to go, Favyen &Co!

Disclaimer: I have no association with them apart from being a very satisfied customer for the last 5 months or so.




  • shovenoseshovenose Member, Provider

    Hopefully this trend can continue. Care to review other providers in a clear, constructive way?

  • I miss luna node. I canceled when they pulled out of Chicago because I already had a couple in Canada. Definitely a great provider though.

  • I've been looking at their Storage 250GB plan, anyone have experience with it? How's network performance?

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