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$2 512 MiB RAM SSD-Cached Non-oversold OpenVZ VPSs in Dallas | 50% Off
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$2 512 MiB RAM SSD-Cached Non-oversold OpenVZ VPSs in Dallas | 50% Off

AzureVPSAzureVPS Member
edited June 2014 in Offers

Hi all. AzureVPS offers SSD-cached VPSs at low prices without overselling.

Normally, our VPS prices start at around $8/GiB/month of RAM, but we're currently offering up to 50% off your first invoice with us if it's monthly or quarterly billed!


  • 2 Accessible E3 Cores (3.2+ GHz)
  • 512/512 MiB RAM/vSwap
  • 30 GiB RAID10 SSD-Cached Space
  • 600 GiB Data at 1gbps
  • 1 IPv4 Address
  • 16 IPv6 Addresses
  • Coupon: LET50
  • $2.00 first month, then $4 recurring
  • Order now!


  • 1 Accessible E3 Core (3.2+ GHz)
  • 128/128 MiB RAM/vSwap
  • 7 GiB RAID10 SSD-Cached Space
  • 150 GiB Data at 1gbps
  • 1 IPv4 Address
  • 16 IPv6 Addresses
  • Coupon: LET30
  • $2.80 first quarter ($0.93/mo), then $4 recurring
  • Order now!

An unlimited number of extra IPv4 addresses are available for $3/quarter each, but each extra address must have justification for its use.

Extra data is also available for $5/TiB/quarter which is 50% off our normal price for data. Open a ticket with us after ordering if you want to take advantage of this offer.

All payment right now is handled through Paypal, and a seven day refund is offered for all new customers.

None of our RAM nor drive space will be oversold; the plans have been configured such that each's RAM and drive space are exactly double that of the previous one, and along with a proper max resource allocation limit, will prevent the overselling of those resources.

Currently the SSD only caches reads, but fortunately the majority of real world IO usage is reads. Write caching is planned. Dirty cache random read IOPs was measured to be ~25K with 4kB blocks, or ~100MB/s. CPU and network bandwidth is shared across all VPSs on the node with a fair share policy.

Our AUP and TOS in a nutshell is: Nothing illegal. Nothing constantly resource intensive; Disruptive CPU or network usage will have those resources throttled respectively. IRC, game servers and adult content are allowed.

We will reply to all support tickets within 24 hours and strive to provide a pleasant experience as possible.


Network test files: 10MB | 100MB

Network test IPs: | 2604:880:1:2::2 | Fast SSD-Cached VPSs | 20% off first invoice: LETSAVE20 | Sorry, no relation with Windows Azure


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