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How many of you use "testing" branches of debian?
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How many of you use "testing" branches of debian?

Or something that isn't stable (w/e the equivalent is in your distro of choice).

I'm referring to your servers not your personal computers tbh.

say which because someone asked you on the internet
  1. which?!?!?!?!32 votes
    1. testing
    2. stable

Will date ur mom 4 vps


  • Security updates for Debian Testing are slower than for Stable. Also running a server on Testing is going to be a lot more hands on, because as packages are upgraded to new versions stuff will break. There will also be times when the packages you want are simply uninstallable. Here is a list of currently uninstallable packages in testing/amd64 for example. That's more than 4% of all packages right now.

    I definitely see the allure of Testing. Personally I am really looking forward to being able to use Apache 2.4 on Debian Stable without frankensteining my system. But in my opinion using Testing or Unstable on a server seriously undermines one of the primary reasons to use Debian in the first place: stability and predictability.

    Be seeing you.

  • msg7086msg7086 Member

    TBH the primary reason I use testing is for its rolling update system, which is hard to find elsewhere.

  • KeithKeith Member

    Debian stable + wheezy-backports with nginx from the nginx debian repository and mysql replaced by Percona 5.6.

  • fislefisle Member

    I use Debian Stable on the servers with Dotdeb repo for Nginx and PHP. IMO Testing/Unstable should be on your personal boxes/desktops/etc.

    Young sysadmin [Why vpsBoard?]

  • FalzoFalzo Member


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  • @Falzo said:

    There is no point in running into trouble due to the underlying OS, just use backports for something you need or compile it if you really-really have to.

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  • I'm curious why anyone would want rolling upgrades (eg by using Debian Testing) on a server. Obviously it's nice to get access to newer features, but I also hate surprises. I've really learned to appreciate having a stable platform to build on for a couple of years at a time.

    As for using third party repositories, I've been burned during dist-upgrade more than once. You can always recover the system, but not the time you put into dealing with it. Currently I don't use any third party repos, even on my desktop computers at home. I'm not saying don't do it. Just don't do it unless you're 100% certain a solution for your problem cannot be accomplished with what the distro provides.

    Never underestimate the technical debt that straying from your distro can cause.

    Be seeing you.

  • VPNVPN Member

    I think from a provider POV its irresponsible to use testing builds.

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