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Apache cache on Windows
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Apache cache on Windows

Let me start by saying that I'm not familiar with Apache(or Windows). But let just say that I have no choice :p

Currently trying to setup mod_cache & mod_mem_cache, as Apache on my server utilized CPU like crazy but have loads of unused memory space.

I've enabled

LoadModule mem_cache_module modules/
LoadModule cache_module modules/

in httpd.conf

But what baffles me is where below config should go? httpd.conf or httpd-vhosts.conf?

<IfModule mod_mem_cache.c>
    CacheEnable mem C:/webroot
    MCacheSize 6144
    MCacheMaxObjectCount 1000
    MCacheMinObjectSize 1
    MCacheMaxObjectSize 2048

I've actually tried both, restart Apache and didn't see anything loaded to memory even after few hour. I have few hundreds of visitor/min so it shouldn't be the case. Even better, there nothing weird in log.

My vhost.
I want to setup the cache on everything inside only

I swear I've googled every possible keyword that I can think of, but no appropriate result for example of mod_cache config on Windows yet . Would like to hear your input on this.


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