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Any favored Location? l Our New Location
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Any favored Location? l Our New Location

SunnSunn Member

Hello LET members,

My name is Ryyan from KVMVPS.US, and i am curious to ask, what VPS location you would prefer? Currently we offer Buffalo, NY and Dallas, Texas. We are working hard to provide the best experience for all our clients. I kindly ask you to cast your vote below. Based on your votes, we can determine our new location.

Warm Regards, Ryyan H.
Happy Hosting

Location Of Choice?
  1. What location would you prefer?51 votes
    1. Orlando, Florida
    2. Los Angeles, California
    3. London, UK


  • Been lots of demand for more UK/EU hosts on LET lately. London personally since I'm in the UK but I don't have a service with you guys

    Favourite host in general: Ramnode (affiliate link)
    Favourite host for hourly billing/custom ISOs: Vultr ($50 free credit for new accounts, affiliate link)

  • @Sunn maybe it's just me but the main paragraph in your post is in a single line that i have to horizontally scroll. It's wrapper in pre and code tags. Did you indent it? (this would cause Markdown to use pre tags). It's a little hard to read.

    Be seeing you.

  • SunnSunn Member

    @deptadapt said:

    Yeah sorry about that, i attempted to indent it, but did not realize indenting was for code format. Sorry about that. I cannot edit it either.

  • BrianHarrisonBrianHarrison Member, Provider

    Southeast Asian countries will be happy if you add LA.

    Reprise Hosting (AS62838) Specializing in self-managed cheap dedicated servers and and cheap VPS hosting.

  • FalzoFalzo Member

    netherland france italy germany should be as good as uk ;-) KVM in US/UK/NL/DE: 15% off first 6 month | Netcup VPS/rootDS - 5€ off: 36nc15279180197 (ref)

  • fitvpnfitvpn Member

    Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico please

    Thanked by 1Mark_R

    Yes, I can boogie

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