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We've open sourced

We've open sourced

jhjh Member
edited May 2014 in General

After numerous conversations with customers, friends, investors and would-be interested parties, we've decided to open source our software and continue to grow the consultancy side of our business.

This means that you can now get a completely free (Apache licence), PHP/Symfony2 billing suite. It supports payment/gateway modules (though gateways will need to be written), invoices, expenses, project and inventory tracking, bulk data management and a great UI. Although there are bugs, the software uses a modern code base with PDO and other security features.

This software will be maintained in our spare time, so of course, PRs and issues are welcome via our Github page and forum.

Those with a SaaS account can be transferred easily. Wait for an email about this.

Paid support/development/consultancy are also available if you want to support Loading Deck :)


Note: if you're still seeing the old website with pricing/online signup, clear your DNS cache.


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