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HostUS - NATIVE IPV6 - IPV4 - 100Mbit UNMETERED KVM $7+ OPENVZ 768MB @ $10/y Located in Atlanta, GA
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HostUS - NATIVE IPV6 - IPV4 - 100Mbit UNMETERED KVM $7+ OPENVZ 768MB @ $10/y Located in Atlanta, GA

AlexanderMAlexanderM Top Provider
edited May 2014 in Offers

HostUS Logo


I'm Alexander from HostUS, HostUS is owned and operated by HostUS Solutions LTD ,registered in Scotland, United Kingdom. We are a privately held company with NO other investors. We treat each and every one of our clients with the utmost respect that they highly deserve. All plans are now semi-managed, this means we can troubleshoot issues for you such as but not limited to “Network Issues, Load issues and I/O Issues” Tasks excluded from our semi-management is task such as setting up your scripts, installing and configuring PHP etc.

We keep our nodes and networks protected from abuse and spammers. By default port 25 is blocked switch level; this can be removed by simply submitting a ticket. We don't allow spammers and abusers on our network, so if you plan to order a VM, SPAM and DDoS, then prepare to not get a refund, because of these practices, our node uptime is low end industry leading with super fast I/O usage and low CPU usage.

Typical virtual private servers are costly and are oversold, which make them slow and unresponsive. HostUS powered OpenVZ servers ensure that there is no over-selling, and that performance is available 24/7 on demand by the customer. Handle very large amounts of data processing with extremely powerful dual processor server nodes, powered by RAID10 with a BBU disk configuration. All our nodes are connected with 2 x 1 Gbps ports (Bonded) and each VPS is limited to 900Mbit/s. We own and operate all our hardware such as our primary switch; Juniper EX3200-24T Switch with a 10 Gbps uplink.

Every OpenVZ Plan comes with 16 x native IPV6.

Minimum Node Specifications:

  • OpenVZ Visualization
  • Dual Xeon L5639 Processors
  • 4x 1TB or 2TB SATA II Drives
  • LSI Hardware RAID-10 w/ BBU Configuration
  • 144GB DDR3 ECC RAM
  • 2 x Gbps Public (Bonded) and 1 x Gbps Internal/Private

Our Offer:


LET Exclusive Special-1

4 vCPU Cores @ 2.2Ghz Fair Share
3 GB DDR3 RAM (6GB When paid quarterly)
3 GB SWAP (6GB When paid quarterly)
150 GB HW Raid-10 Disk Space
5000 GB Bandwidth, 700mbps Up-link
3 x IPv4 Addresses (With Automatic rDNS) 
$7 /month
$18 /Quarter

Order Link 


LET Exclusive Special-2

4 vCPU Cores @ 2.2Ghz Fair Share
1 GB DDR3 RAM (2GB When paid quarterly)
1 GB SWAP (2GB When paid quarterly)
50 GB HW Raid-10 Disk Space
1000 GB Bandwidth, 700mbps Up-link
1 x IPv4 Addresses (With Automatic rDNS) 
$4 /month
$10 /Quarter

Order Link 

LET Exclusive Special-3 (UNMETERED KVM)

2 vCPU Cores @ 2.2Ghz Fair Share
2GB DDR3 Dedicated RAM
20GB Raid10 Dedicared Disk Space
100Mbit/s Unmetered bandwidth (200Mbit/s port)
2 x IPV4
64 x IPV6

$7 /month $70/year (DOUBLE BANDWIDTH, 200Mbit/s dedicated on 400Mbit/s port.)

Order Link 


LET Exclusive Special-4

1 vCPU Cores @ 2.2Ghz Fair Share
20 GB HW Raid-10 Disk Space
2048 GB Bandwidth
1 x IPv4 Addresses (With Automatic rDNS)
$10 /Year

Order Link

Network Information:

All our servers are located in Atlanta, Georgia - 55. 

Looking glass

IP SWIP Is available as well, please create a ticket after order with either your ORG-ID or the organisation name you would like. 

All our IP Address'es are direct allocations from ARIN.


Best regards,


HostUS | OpenVZ & KVM VPS in 10 worldwide locations with our own Breeze Panel!
AS7489 | View our network | LIR Services - IPv4, IPv6, ASN | Latest Special Offers!


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