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    a Raspberry Pi server done right ++
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    a Raspberry Pi server done right ++

    rds100rds100 Member
    edited April 2014 in Offers

    Company info: Telecoms Ltd. registered in 1998 in Varna, Bulgaria, company reg. no 103282011, EU VAT number BG103282011
    Location: Varna, Bulgaria

    The offer is under our FitVPS brand (active since March 2011)

    Now the offer - a Raspberry Pi server with all the bells and whistles.

    What it includes:

    • Raspberry Pi with 512MB RAM and 700MHz ARM processor
    • 32GB USB storage (actual usable about 29GB)
    • 500GB monthly traffic
    • remote reboots through the control panel
    • automatic reinstallations through the control panel, OS available: raspbian, pidora, Arch. We recommend raspbian
    • rescue mode through the control panel
    • one IPv4 address
    • /64 IPv6 available on request

    Order link here -, the price is $10 / month or $27 / quarter
    Payments by paypal. The prices listed exclude VAT. EU customers without a VAT number add +20% VAT.

    What has changed since the last offer?

    • increased the included bandwidth from 250GB / month to 500GB / month
    • added automatic monitoring / watchdog for the Raspberries (if your Raspberry Pi stops returning pings it will be automatically restarted)
    • added more payment options (like quarterly)
    • worked on some additional small hardware modifications (hopefully improvements).

    Q: test-ip?

    Q: looking glass?

    Q: can i colo my own Raspberry Pi?
    A: no, we make some hardware modifications to the Raspberries. shipping / coloing your own is not possible.

    Q: can the server be transferred to someone else if i get bored with it?
    A: we have written the rules under which we allow service transfers here -

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