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    Selling 1 year 4 GB VPS
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    Selling 1 year 4 GB VPS

    alfieyeomanalfieyeoman Member
    edited April 2014 in Offers

    Hello all,

    I have a 1 year service with W3-Host and am selling my 4 GB RAM VPS as I do not need it any more times. I bought this two months ago for my Minecraft server but no longer use the MC server so it has been sitting idle for around 3 weeks. It runs out on 24/02/2015 and costs $300.49 per year.

    The specifications:

    400 GB Disk Space

    Unmetered Bandwidth

    4 GB RAM

    4 GB vSwap

    4 CPU Cores

    1 Gbps Uplink

    480 Gbps/480 Mpps DDoS Protection

    This plan costs $30.49 per month or $300.49 per year. I am selling this for $55 via PayPal.

    Please PM or post here if you need any further information.

    Sorry for bad English


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