How to create cpanel preinstalled template for solusvm KVM virtualization.
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How to create cpanel preinstalled template for solusvm KVM virtualization.

Hi guys,

im trying to create cpanel template (centos 6 x64) for kvm. Im using solusvm guide, for creating linux template, but my templates wont boot at all. it always stuck at boot screen; it says not found boot device.

Is there any premade cpanel template for solusvm or is there any guide for this ?


  • AlexanderMAlexanderM Top Provider

    CPanel have one on their downloads page.

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  • @AlexanderM said:
    CPanel have one on their downloads page.

    can you be more spesific :) i already checked whm's download page they only provide centos-iso's. maybe i cant found it...

  • im creating my template on slave node. uploading template to solusvm-master's templates directory.

    but still no good. i created windows template but thats no good too. wont boot at all.

    solsu says: make a fresh install with iso, make your configurations. shutdown vps.

    and make these steps on slave node :
    /scripts/kvmtemplate --mode=prepare --vmid=kvm101 --generation=2 (for linux)

    /scripts/kvmtemplate --mode=package --vmid=kvm101 --generation=2

    when its done, move your template /home/solusvm/kvm/template with xxx.gen2.v1.tar.gz

    after that im sendind these template to solusvm master via rsync .

    After that im addind template to solus control panel. And create new virttual machine with these template.

    It says process is succesfull but no good... maybe a premission problem maybe something else. If these information is classified then im so sorry for asking....

    but solus staff too slow for responding. So im trying to find answers in more active communities.

  • @kolpator said:

    You want centos-iso's right? It's KVM, you can basicly use any iso.

    I only work for me, and myself.

  • sorry let me clear myself : i dont have any problem with iso installs. But; what i want is ; create teamplate oses like xen-pv or openVZ, like digital ocean. solusvm can support this. And im also able to create vpses with solus vm provided templates. So in the end; what i really wanted is: create my custom templates. (if so why not use xen pv ? because windows......)

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