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Xen traffic usage (bandwidth) monitor, alerter and automatic null routing.
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Xen traffic usage (bandwidth) monitor, alerter and automatic null routing.

definedcodedefinedcode Member
edited April 2014 in General

Since I saw very few Xen monitoring and management tools available, I have quickly decided to roll my own. This will check on a regular interval your Xen guests and record their traffic usage (TX and RX but can be modified to do either/or) to a MongoDB database. If their traffic exceeds the set amount (set per VM/plan) then the IP(s) will automatically be null routed and you (and the client) will be emailed. This null route is in place for the rest of the month until the allowance is reset (you can obviously update the VMs allowance through the addvm.rb script if the client pays more or is allocated more).

This is coded in Ruby.

Use at your own risk, it currently only supports the xm toolstack but support for the xl toolstack can easily be implemented since only the xm list function is required.

Source code and documentation:

Full write-up and tutorial:

Hopefully this helps someone!

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