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    Proxmox WHMCS module v1.3.2 is out
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    Proxmox WHMCS module v1.3.2 is out

    we have released Proxmox WHMCS module version 1.3.2 today with Great New Features that customers were waiting for:

    Client Area: (New) Client Area new Looks.

    VM Templates: Ability to set Interface MAC Address Range and optionally the corresponding IPs .

    VM Templates: Support for disksize/memory in the new KVM Template Feature and the usage of Configoptions to allow clients to buy disk/memory while ordering..

    VM Templates: Support for OS Type ConfigOption in the new KVM Template to allow clients to buy OS for a Price, usefull fo License costs.

    VM Templates: Support of VM ID Range in KVM Templates, also config Option VMID for specifying VMID while accepting order in Admin area.

    API: Better API Validation to enhance speed and resiliance to failure in Proxmox API

    Screenshots | Change Log | Read more and Order

    Stay tuned for next release.


    Modules Factory.

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