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Anyone with AlienVPS/AlienLayer
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Anyone with AlienVPS/AlienLayer

I purchased 2 VPS that have been marked as pending for 10 days, paid for. No response to ticket created 7 days ago regarding the pending status of them.

I see they have a "SPRING2014" coupon advertised on their front page so activity from them seems fairly recent.

Anyone with them?


  • Alienvps is a scam, always has been...

  • I see. It does look like others have had the same situation, after Googling. Thanks.

  • You really should do more research of a provider before buying! try to get the payment back.

  • ricardoricardo Member
    edited April 2014

    Sure, I'll always put a refund claim in where it's warranted. I don't spend too much time researching providers as I'm buying on scale. I'm surprised they still have a site active after 2 years of being an apparent fraud, if that's the case. Out of ~90 providers I've had 2 where I didn't get a running service at all (this being the 2nd), and 3 that have vanished afterwards. It is what it is.

  • I'm suprised that LET allows them to advertise while they are clearly a scam.

  • MunMun Member

    I wouldn't say they are a scam, they just have really slow support.

    You get what you pay for simply...

  • @Mun said:
    I wouldn't say they are a scam, they just have really slow support.

    You get what you pay for simply...

    He didn't get what he paid for.

  • @MarkR indeed thats' where I found them from come to think if it.

    @Mun thanks, I don't mind the slow support but after 10 days still waiting for product activation... there's not much I can work with. Good to know they're not a scam (which is quite a serious accusation tbh, but it seems one that's been raised a lot)

  • I recently cancelled my AlienVPS box after being hosted with them 3 years or so. They aren't scam and VPS was up and working most of the time. Problem arise when it's needed support and no answer per weeks. That's main reason for my cancellation.

  • That doesn't sound good. I've put a refund request in Paypal and hopefully they don't respond --> cash back.

  • They're aliens. Probably that's the reason why they don't respond.

    Here lies @alexvolk, the member that was questioning shady hosts. Looks like he is banned now? Enjoy it now, more scam - more entertainment! May we meet again!

  • NickMNickM Member

    I had one of their $19/yr VMs a while back. If I remember correctly, I/O was terrible, and there was constant downtime. I could be remembering that wrong, but I do remember that I basically just abandoned it and never let it renew.

  • LEB Can't be erase they advertise becouse has they been paid for that

    wtf they scam that not LEB bussines, meybe until you can proof to LEB

    with screenshot don't just write becouse that not strong fact

  • irmirm Member
    edited April 2014

    The fact that AlienVPS is somehow still around and has new signups is insane. They're easily the worst "provider" in the LEB market.

  • @Liam said:
    They owe people like me $57 (19x3) or so. I know chief & I banned them from LEB until they were willing to refund their clientele. Honestly I could say a lot more but won't publicly.

    $57 for what?

    I recommend Prometeus, the best provider ever!

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