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Nginx php not working

Nginx php not working

xprotoceptxprotocept Member
edited September 2011 in General

I installed the Low end script for Nginx php mysql etc
But php just doesn't work
When i go to the webpage it only shows what is in the .php file
Can someone help me



  • Installed Lighttpd and php is working

  • Would you mind tell me which OS you are using? - Comodo PositiveSSL from $7 per year! - 512MB, 200GB HDD, 10TB BW for $5 USD - Order via my aff link!

  • InfinityInfinity Member, Provider

    Mind also pastebin'ing the config files, specifically the php bits of 'em. PHP is obviously not configured with nginx properly.

    FastCGI straight or via PHP-FPM?

  • I installed Lighttpd as i said before php is working now

  • @xprotocept, please don't do this. You have been around long enough to know better. If you ask for help then you need to be willing to follow up on it and turn it into a useful discussion for others that might have the same problem.

    Thanked by 2drmike LowEndAdmin
  • Yeah sorry, wont do that again...

  • @xprotocept said: But php just doesn't work

    I think the first step would always be figuring out

    • What doesn't work? How do you determine that it "doesn't work"?
    • What are the error messages?
    • Once you pin-point the place where the error is, and are able to obtain error messages, have you tried to google with the error message to see whether anyone else might also have the same symptom? Maybe some would have found the solution?
    • If there's no clear solution that you can find, then you can choose to post full detail + your own investigation over here so the community can help.

    "Nginx + PHP doesn't work, but reinstalled Lighttpd and it works" -- that does not sound like a solution at all, if you are determined to get Nginx to work.

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  • never waste the precious information in /var/logs

  • Even more information in /var/log/

    At least for me. :)

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