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Is class-c Seo hosting worth ?
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Is class-c Seo hosting worth ?

I've seen that skynethosting is offering class-c seo hosting. Is it really worth the price ?

Does it improve seo results ? If so, i would need more recommendations for seo hosting

Thank you


  • AlexBarakovAlexBarakov Member, Provider

    Nope it does not. Google also confirmed it.

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  • Why people still care about ip classes these days? what if your class-c hosting is down for say 1-2 days a week will hurts your "seo" alot :)

  • The idea behind 'different class Cs' is for the sites to appear unrelated, putting all your eggs in one hosting basket would ring alarm bells.

    Alex_LiquidHost said: Nope it does not. Google also confirmed it.

    Google tend not to help people trying to game their algorithm.

  • @ricardo how about people under cloudflare with all come from the same ips :)

  • ricardoricardo Member
    edited April 2014

    Fair question. If you had a site with thousands of backlinks all from behind cloudflare I'd say that raises a flag too. It just boils down to whether Google decides you're trying too hard to improve your ranking... which is a moving goalpost.

    A tiny proportion of sites live behind cloudflare so in the general case you wouldn't want all your links from sites behind there... or if your sites are somehow interrelated or cross-linking.

  • MunMun Member without signature

    I find it funny people are still trying to operate under the principal of SEO to generate viewership when it should be instead writing good content.

  • ricardoricardo Member
    edited April 2014

    That's the vanilla advice that's prevalent. "Build it and they will come". You most definitely need good content if you're building something long term, or G will detect a high bounce rate from its referrals and see they're unsatisfied with the search result they were served.

    For more competitive search terms, you still need links. Consider all the hacking/injection of pharma links that still goes on. They're doing it because it's relevant to ranking for competitive/lucrative search terms.

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