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75 Essential Cheat Sheets for Designers and Programmers
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75 Essential Cheat Sheets for Designers and Programmers

jmginerjmginer Member, Provider


Here, we have a list of the best 75 cheat sheets for the designers and developers. We call them the best ones, for the fact, these are up to the mark, contain to the point information, and everything shared with them is accurate to all standards. These will wave good bye to your programming cribs, and get your codes working properly with a quick reference lasting for merely a few minutes!

1) jQuery
3) HTML5 Cheat Sheet
4) CSS
5) CSS2
6) CSS3
7) JavaScript
8) Linux
9) Java
10) Java 8
11) Perl
12) PHP
13) Python
14) Ruby
15) Ruby on Rails
16) Scala Cheat sheets 
17) SQL
18) My SQL
19) C#
20) SQLite
21) C++
22) Javascript and AJAX 
23) C
24) Unix
25) Ubuntu
26) WordPress
27) Nodejs
28) HTML and XHTML
29) XML
30) Oracle
31) NMAP
32) Mac OS X
33) Haskell
34) DOM
35) Drupal
36) Oracle DB 
37) FireFox 
38) Apache Ant
39) Apache hadoop
40) Git
41) Mathematica
42) RedHat Fedora
43) Unicode
44) PostgreSQL
46) Design Patterns
47) Django Reference Sheet
48) Flash Quick Reference
49) Fortran
50) Adobe flex 3 cheat sheet
51) Google Chrome Plus
52) HTTP
53) Internet Explorer
54) JavaEE6 Reference Sheet
55) LISP
56) Mootools 1.3 cheat sheets
57) Photoshop
58) Prototype
59) QT
60) Shell Scrip Cheat Sheet
61) Server Side Includes Qucik Reference
62) VBasic Quick Ref
63)  ASPCheat Sheet
64) WebGL Reference
65) Microsoft NET
66) Flash ActionScript Quick Ref
67) BlueprintCSS
68) Computer Science
69) Erlang
70) Java Server faces 
71) JDBC Best Practices
72)  Core-ASPNet
73) HTML5 IndexedDB
74) Using XML Java
75) HTML5 Canvas Web Standard

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  • I remember seeing this on reddit. Lol

    jimpop: nuclear accidents DO happen
    jimpop: don't let them bring your website down

  • Cool stuff, but some of these kinda miss the point of a cheat sheet, which should be short like 1-2 pages. Also, 59 should be "Qt" (lowercase t) :)

  • Found one similar in my favorites:

    Thanked by 1jmginer
  • Good share!

    @hiphiphip0 said:
    Found one similar in my favorites:

    You remind me of an old Bookmarked Site :D

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  • Thank you for this resource. I've never seen such a list in 1 spot. Ill have to share this with my friends.

  • This is very very very useful. Thank you for sharing. - Tips and tricks in life, information and technology news to get things done

  • ztecztec Member

    Thanks a lot. Was just looking for something like this.

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