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I think is dead as it is offline couple of days ago?


  • That site hasn't been like updated in moons and looks ancient compared to what LXC is. Might be updating it or disbanding it for something else.

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  • oh. Bustnet gone burst, that is why. I hope some reliable host can help them. I still got some of my vps running kloxo for years now.

  • I went on their IRC and it looks like their stuff is being moved with the whole BurstNet ordeal.

    MOTD: LxCenter is down because a Datacenter move (Burstnet is now DigiPlus) - Premium hosting at a fraction of the cost!

  • According to the photos I saw on Tuesday there are stacks of servers still locked in their old property. Landlord has taken possession of the building so good luck getting your kit out now. I think it will take months for their liquidator to go through the assets and work out what is third party and what isn't.

    Almost none of the kit is asset labelled so there is little to no way to tell who owns what.

  • wow! Good luck to them. I wish LX continue kloxo and sell lichene for a cheaper price so that the improvement will continue.

  • I hope they had backups!

  • after searching, i reached their twitter account "Still down #BURSTNET . Preparing this weekend to bring back main domain on sponsored server to inform and show we still alive."

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