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Ubuntu One Cloud Storage Discontinued
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Ubuntu One Cloud Storage Discontinued

Additionally, we continue to believe in the Ubuntu One file services, the quality of the code, and the user experience, so will release the code as open source software to give others an opportunity to build on this code to create an open source file syncing platform.

Let's hope it'll be a a new contender in Open Source Dropbox clones.


  • jmginerjmginer Member, Provider
    edited April 2014

    I've never used it, but nice end...

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  • Hurrah!

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  • Can't say it surprises me. With Google dropping their prices, Dropbox being quite popular, and Mail.Ru offering 1TB for free (not sure if they still do, but I have 1TB free), it's just a tough market to complete in. Especially for a company whose focus is on an Open Source OS. So, basically it's a wise decision.

    I do hope there's going to be done something nice with the source code, though. Imagine that software running with a Backupsy or Cloud Shards storage server, your completely private cloud. Seems awesome.

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  • Good, it's an unstable market, especially with the rising of and their 15 GB free plan...

    "With Big Power Comes Big Responsibility"

  • so many cloud hosts got like all together 2tb cloud free space but still using vps for backup cus no ftp on cloud :(

  • There goes my desktop/laptop sync. It was a nice product/service integrated with Ubuntu.

    Uptime monitoring for the masses. NodePing

  • fiendfiend Member

    ubuntu is in a weird place... and ubuntu one was just one of those almost DOA products from them, its like their mobile strategy or heck their desktop strategy, i think everyone still enjoys the code and repositories but there is a trend to avoid anything directly from ubuntu...

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