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Alternative to cpanel and whm and whmcs FREE
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Alternative to cpanel and whm and whmcs FREE

Would like to know some alternatives to whmcs mostly as the only reason i would use whmcs is for the affiliate option, i have cpanel and whm on my servers free with my server packages, but i may buy a server without cpanel and try something else.

I asked in another post about affiliate software plugins add ons cms scripts etc, i was given some info but not anything that is simple so still not using a affiliate program due to pricing and the complexity of setting one up for free.

Please do not say cpanel and whmcs is cheap because it isn't and if you think it is cheap then you must have money to throw away, running a hosting business is about keeping costs minimal and providing a quality service not paying extra for something you can get free eg: boxbilling

What is your favorate billing system?
  1. whmcs12 votes
    1. boxbilling
    2. thehostingtool
    3. Other billing software


  • TheHostingTool and Kloxo, but only if you can keep up to date with the security issues.

  • Thanks, a few people have been mentioning thehostingtool when browsing google though is it better than boxbilling? And something i could not find - does the hosting tool provide a in built affiliate program option for your clients or anyone who wishes to promote a hosting site. Does any free billing software compatible with whm provide a affiliate system?

  • mikhomikho Member, Provider

    I sell shared/reseller hosting using whmcs/cpanel/whm for $3/year and so far managed to not only cover the costs every month and make a small profit.

    I am currently investigating a UK location to expand.

    I tried thehostingtool but had problems when manual activation was enabled. If I set it to automatic then it worked but not if I had to manually accept the order.

    Get a LES NAT VPS! (or 10) in United States (3), Germany, Bulgaria, France, Norway, Australia (2), Singapore. | -> 500gb NAT Storage
  • interesting, boxbilling vs thehostingtool? i do uk reseller hosting by the way inbox me if you want to know more about that : )

  • how do you measure cost? how much is your time worth? use a system you already know and already know the costs including time costs vs the unknown costs of "low cost" solutions.

  • mikhomikho Member, Provider

    I don't buy reseller accounts :)
    Thanks for the offer :)

    Get a LES NAT VPS! (or 10) in United States (3), Germany, Bulgaria, France, Norway, Australia (2), Singapore. | -> 500gb NAT Storage
  • sz1hostingsz1hosting Member
    edited April 2014

    @seaeagle i amusing cpanel and whm with boxbilling though just wondering if there is anything better, which there prob isn't i guess, TheHostingTool and Kloxo sounds good for free hosting. @MikHo oh ok you want a server then :)

  • BabahBabah Member

    have you tried since 2006 serves Indonesian Customer and Rest of The World
    Domain Registration, Webhosting Service, Virtual & Dedicated Server Provider and Colocation Solution. (AS45146)

  • mikhomikho Member, Provider

    @sz1hosting said:
    MikHo oh ok you want a server then :)

    Yeah, currently negotiating :)

    Get a LES NAT VPS! (or 10) in United States (3), Germany, Bulgaria, France, Norway, Australia (2), Singapore. | -> 500gb NAT Storage
  • oh : ) looks interesting is it still being maintained? As there site says
    Shine Software © 2013 wondering if they do affiliate options for clients can not find on there search, also is this software just for isp config?

  • Better use a paid one with a good reputation than place yourself in a risky situation. Some people can judge your business from what you're using right now. If community only know about WHMCS, they can tell that your hosting business is "suspicious" because you're using a free platform for a (used to be) professional business.
    There are some WHMCS alternative with a cheaper price like blesta maybe...

    "With Big Power Comes Big Responsibility"

  • zPanel (not cPanel !) has a module fpr billing too - check it out !

    voluntary serveradministrator

  • thanks for the info : ) boxbilling works very well i must say so i am looking to stick with it and will change to whmcs when it is applicable, i will post a thread asking for a review on zpanel ^_^

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