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Suggestion for Vultr (or others with hourly billing)
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Suggestion for Vultr (or others with hourly billing)

DH22DH22 Member

It would help me out a lot if we could pay to reserve IP addresses to assign to our VMs. This would allow us to keep the IP permanently and give the ability to delete VMs and recreate them later with the same IP.

I don't know how much demand there is for this so posting this here to see how many others would be interested in this.

I am interested in doing things like run a VM for 8 hours each day. I could delete it and recreate it each day and select the same IP to be assigned to it. This would bring some of the more expensive plans into my budget since the cost would be 1/3 of what it would be to run it 24/7. For some uses I need to keep the same IP. So when we create a VM we'd be able to select from a list of IPs in our account (from that location).

Maybe not that feasible given the rules on IP usage with them running out but would love to see this happen if at all possible. I'd be fine with having to have the IP in use for a certain amount of hours each month or something to avoid people holding onto IPs that aren't being used.


  • I believe Digital Ocean is attempting this now. Another possibility is to give us subdomains which reflect the IP address of the instance. This way we could just CNAME using our domains.

  • tchentchen Member

    I like this idea. I'd go meta and suggest having a feedback voting booth where we can dump good ideas like this there.

  • sundaymousesundaymouse Member
    edited April 2014

    Or shall we say they want your money, so they want to force "burst" style users like you to keep your VM running?

    (AWS Elastic IP has been on since the very beginning, if you can afford it)

  • I don't know how ARIN would see this though, reserving an IP that isn't in use.


  • @rds100 said:
    I don't know how ARIN would see this though, reserving an IP that isn't in use.

    My thoughts exactly!

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  • Maybe reserve it for something like 30min-1 hour after the instance has been destroyed, so that you can create another instance and still get the same IP, in that timeframe?

  • As mention, DigitalOcean have this "feature". If you destroy a doplet, and recreate it within some time (at least a day), you get the same IP. don't know how long they "reserve" the IP.

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  • howardsl2howardsl2 Member
    edited April 2014

    I remember seeing a customer asking DO to help keep same IP for his instance on Twitter. They responded that it is possible to reserve one for his instance, but he would need to create a ticket and let their engineering team do it.

  • There is no need for reservation then, they just need to update their IP handoff policy. I.e. if an IP that belonged to this user is free - use it for the new instance. If there is no such free IP - use the one that was used the longest time ago.

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  • @rds100 said:

    Great idea. Are you an expert in programming or algorithms? I think DO or Vultr should hire you in their engineering team ;)

  • @hwdsl2 this is something that can be implemented in 30 minutes, no need to hire someone for this :) And they probably already have (or should have) a "least recently used" ip assignment algorithm.


  • This is something AWS offers (but that's if you request an IP--not rely on their dynamic public addresses). You have to pay hourly for that ability, though. If you want to guarantee the same IP, this is the only method that makes sense. The LRU style of IP assignment will probably give you headaches if you rely on it always working.

  • DH22DH22 Member

    I suppose I could probably get by well enough by resizing down to the cheapest plan when I am not using servers, assuming this is possible with Vultr. Just starting out with them.. I see an upgrade option. Assume I can also downgrade? It looks like resize is not doable via the API yet though. Still would be a nice option to reserve IPs and be able to select the IP when creating a new VM.

    Most of my VPSs are running game servers. I currently bump up a DO server to get more CPU on Sundays when league games are happening to help ensure no spikes occur. I host servers for a couple smaller gaming communities and servers typically are used between 4 to 10 hours per day.

  • +1 for this feature. Hopefully, Vultr will consider adding this in the future. Even if the IP is just reserved for an hour.

  • edanedan Member

    I am destroy an instance and than recreate it again to using doubled ram coupon and got the same IP a few weeks ago.

  • Set your TTL on your A records for something nice and short like 10mins (or shorter) and then make sure users are using fqdn instead of IP address?

  • +1 This is something I'm looking too!

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  • LorneLorne Member
    edited April 2014

    As mention, DigitalOcean have this "feature". If you destroy a doplet, and recreate it within some time (at least a day), you get the same IP. don't know how long they "reserve" the IP.>

    They kind of have it. You take a chance every time you do it as the IP is not actually reserved. You usually get it but it is not a for sure thing....roll the dice.

  • DH22DH22 Member

    Yes I have often received the same IP with DO when recreating soon after destroying. But yeah really need to know for sure that I will get the same IP. This method also has another big flaw in that it becomes real tricky to get the right IPs if you are managing several different droplets.

    One case where this would really help is that one of the games I run servers for requires server IPs to get approved before they can be used. It sometimes can take as long as a week to get IPs whitelisted.

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