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VPS migration between providers
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VPS migration between providers

midmid Member

I'm still in process of buying my first vps (was using dedi until now) so I'm wondering about some migration & deployment details.

Until now I simply created virtual machines, populated them with some software stack , then cloned and deployed them however I wished.

Can I for example:

  • setup my kvm vps locally and upload it on the provider
  • backup complete vps locally
  • migrate vps between providers?


  • it is possible if you are able to mount an iso such as clonezilla, for instance. you need to be able to do it on both providers and it works on VMs with an ISO mounting ability (KVM/Xen-HVM, mainly). That is the easy way.
    You can, of course, ask the provider to make a dump of the container (OVZ) or send you the image, however, you will probably have to pay for it, as they will lose your business and will also have to do extra work, wont be happy. Many will import it for free, but expect no help to troubleshoot various problems later.
    You can, in certain stacks, import images and export them. For example, you can export and import qcow2 kvm images from iwstack (cloudstack). You can also mount arbitrary ISOs if you wish to make an image from inside and compress it (probably more efficient).

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  • jmginerjmginer Member, Provider

    Try Cloud Converter

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  • @jmginer said:
    Try Cloud Converter

    Does anyone have a list of all the providers they support?

  • jmginerjmginer Member, Provider
    edited March 2014

    @etcSudoers You need add your root passwd... not limited by provider, it detects the type of server (dedcated, openvz, kvm, etc...)

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