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Kvm versus Hyper-V for io performance.
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Kvm versus Hyper-V for io performance.

Hi guys,

We are doin some experiments with kvm virtualization with new servers. We want to migrate from all of our nodes, from hyper-v to kvm.

Well i know some of you do not like hyper-v for virtualizing linux. But trust me its performance quite good.

Can you give me any real life info about kvm performance with high end dedis ?

New nodes specs: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2660 v2 @ 2.20GHz X 2 10 core for each socket. with ht total 40core. 256gb rami 600gb 15k-sas x 12 with raid 6.

With these specs how many vps will be reasonable ? (not oversell ! ) ram and cpu wont be bootleneck, my concern is io wise. Im chcecking some documents and it seems kvm and qcow2 performance with virtio enabled not as good as hyper-v with vhd or vhdx.

Im using solus atm. Experimenting disc cache options.

Will be really apreciated for any info.

Thanks ;)


  • charliecharlie Member, Provider

    @Zen said:
    KVM will outperform Hyper-V when serving Linux guests. Hyper-V will outperform everything else (AFAIK) when serving Windows guests.

    I can confirm this. (but i think, the source of the poor io performance in windows when you using KVM, is the bad KVM related driverd for windows.)

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