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SEO marketing
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SEO marketing

Anyone know of any good SEO marketing companies in Chicago?



  • PickyPicky Member

    Good and SEO almost never go together. Everyone is happy to take your money, but if you are really good at SEO, you don't really need any clients, because you can make way more money with your own websites.

  • wychwych Member

    Why do they have to be in Chicago?

    Taking a hiatus.

  • PickyPicky Member

    Good point

  • khavkhav Member

    Building Bulk backlinks and the "seo marketing" thing is dead in 2014.All that counts is good content + patience and your site will rank well.
    Backlinks will come naturally

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  • PickyPicky Member
    edited March 2014

    That's not technically true. Bulk backlinks does not and did not work for quite some time, but there are still quite a few working SEO strategies. For example, if a page gets a lot of links from twitter at the same time then Google thinks that this is something important and relevant and for the next week that page will be ranked higher. Same thing for blog posts - they get ranked high for a brief period of time. Google also analyzes user behavior (which then know really well through Google analytics). So people higher others to search for query, find it in Google and spend a lot of time on your page. Also, geotargeting is more and more important. If you search for 'pizza' from NY, the identical query will yield different results if you search from Arizona. There are techniques, like adding different addresses and phone numbers with different area codes to take advantage of that as well. So SEO is alive and well, but generally speaking - yes, if you make a page/website for people, search engine traffic will follow.

  • SplitIceSplitIce Member, Provider

    SEO is a long term game, be careful if you are looking to pay a company to do your SEO as one of the following may occur:
    1. You will pay them alot over a long time for improvents (best result).
    2. You will get a result quickly, but be penalized from google in the long term (bad result).

    Recommendation: Do what you can yourself, hire people to do specific things (guidelines, white hat) and above all, be patient.

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  • I just have a client that wants it done now. I've tried telling them about patience. :)

  • MunMun Member without signature

    SEO is currently a good way to get spammed and have your domain black listed for spamming characteristics.

    The best SEO is write more content, feature changes on the site, and keep the site alive.


  • I am based out of Ohio and one of the products that we offer is SEO. I agree with a lot of the comments above, it is not the same that it used to be and backlinks are all but dead now. SEO takes quality content and time. Part of our job is educating the client on the downfalls of these other quick hit companies that will show quick results and later have them banned. I know a lot of people think that SEO is dead but the fact of the matter is most of the clients that we deal with just do not have the time in their schedule to do what it takes to keep their site content fresh and relevant or they just don't want to. That is where we come in, showing clients the value of letting us handle the tasks that they don't have time for or find tedious. Hey I can hang drywall but I hate it so when I had a pipe burst this winter and ruin my ceiling I had someone else fix it a.d they probably did a better job than I would have because I don't enjoy it. Sorry for being so long winded but I just get defensive when everyone assumes SEO companies are worthless, there is real value and a few reputable companies out there that do it right.

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