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100GB FTP/SCP storage in UK/EU
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100GB FTP/SCP storage in UK/EU

Looking for a simple storage account to use for backups,

100GB space
500GB transfer
Gigabit connection

Budget around £10 per year


  • GunterGunter Member
    edited March 2014

    Prometeus has a 100GB FTP/HTTP backup account for 11.7 USD/yr

  • lurchlurch Member

    FTP'n'Web Backup - ftpnweb-100
    Storage: 100 GB Traffic: 400 GB

    Is showing 18 euros for me is there a promo code?

  • lurch said: promo code


  • @darknyan said:

    I tried using that promo code yesterday before ordering and it said it had already been used so I cut my losses and got the €6 one.

  • What is ftp scp lol

  • lurchlurch Member

    Yeah says it's already been used

  • lurchlurch Member

    @infected said:
    What is ftp scp lol

    I need an account that I can ftp and scp (secure copy) files to.

  • infectedinfected Member
    edited March 2014

    Try filemedia fliphost

  • Can offer this @ £9 per Year

    I AM BACK :)
    Working Windows Server 2012 R2 on 6GB! Beat that!

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