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Streaming with CentovaCast and you can listen on cellphone
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Streaming with CentovaCast and you can listen on cellphone

shilenoshileno Member

Currently I have a reseller plan streaming (whsonic panel control), which is compatible to listen on cellphone (for wowza). The problem is that much of the service is down, monthly payment US60

I wonder if there is a free alternative to wowza. my idea is to rent a dedicated server and install CentovaCast. What I need to know is how to make the streaming delivered by CentovaCast can be heard on mobile devices (android, iphone).


  • I assume this is audio streaming?

    Why not just icecast?

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  • @0xdragon said:
    I assume this is audio streaming?

    Why not just icecast?

    yes, audio streaming

    I do not know the difference between it and icecast. Icecast allows users to listen to streaming on Android or iPhone cellphone?

  • Rob92Rob92 Member

    I know there is an app for Android that I use called Xiialive that works pretty well and is free. Don't know about iPhone since I don't have one. I am sure there is something though.

  • All icecast and shoutcast streams can be heard in android. You just have to install an app that can handle those streams.
    There are tons of them, for free. I use "A Online Radio" for shoutcast / icecast, but the streams can be handled fine from video apps like BS Player or MX Player (my favorite).
    You can set up a radio service using a very low end vps (128 MB memory is fine, even lower if you don't want to recode the streams, cost 12-18$ per year).

    As of clients, it all depend to the bandwidth (how much and with what upload speed). E.g., a vps with 1TB BW/p/m and 15-20Kbps real upload, can handle in theory 50 concurent users for 24/7 (as of bandwidth limit) and about 150 concurent users at peak hours (as of the vps's speed line). You can use even a single vps for each of your clients, as the price is very low. Also, there are some free panels you can use of.

    If you rent a dedi and buy centova, the cost will be similar or bigger compared with what you pay now (let's say 50-60$ for a dedi and 12-25$ for centova p/m)

    If you want more help, just pm me.

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  • I think you can use shoutcast. if you wanna find control panel for shoutcast that's free you can use streamers admin panel. your client can hear your audio streaming from http://yourip:port/;blackberry (especially for bb OS > 6) and you can make player in html for android or other smartphone that can connect to browser, like radio in my signature

  • tommytommy Member

    +1 for shoutcast ;)

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  • Use winamp for mobile to listen to shoutcast

  • GaNiGaNi Member
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    Just buy the app and done. They support both mobile platforms natively.

    PS: I didn't know if you wanted this over internet but AirFoil is pretty good around the house.

  • Streams from SHOUT/Centova/icecast can be listened to natively across Android and iPhone. There's no extra work or apps needed.

    That being said, icecast is super easy to use - if you can handle the slight learning curve, you can save money on a Centova license and put it to use elsewhere.

    If you do need a panel for icecast, try Airtime. It's a little overkill but it's pretty much set-and-forget.

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  • jvnadrjvnadr Member

    If you use a html5 player in a webpage to intergrade your streaming, you can hear it in all modern android and i-phones. In any case, you can use a dozen of free apps to hear any shoutcast/icecast streaming over the net. I use "A Online Radio" and can connect to any icecast/shoutcast streaming.
    And then, you can stream via a dedi or vps (it all has to do with bandwidth in the server and how many listeners you want), there are many free interfaces to look for and, of course, shoutcast v.2 server or icecast - both free.

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