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[EU:TR] Lifetime KVM offer, SolusVM, 384MB RAM @ $5.95/m

[EU:TR] Lifetime KVM offer, SolusVM, 384MB RAM @ $5.95/m

marinatedmarinated Member
edited April 2012 in Offers

At we aim to provide hosting in "exotic" locations for a international community. We maybe newly baked but will do our best to provide perhaps more "unusual" service locations to a reasonable price. Because we are new we promise a 3days money back guarantee.

We allow torrenting and warez-linking but expect customers to comply with DMCA requests (for individual links), see ToS for more.

----WHT SPECIAL (i know)---- TR-384-KVM-WHT Harddisk: 15GB Memory: 384MB RAM CPU: 1 Core IP: 1IPv4 (no native IPv6 sorry, though we can help setup IPv6 tunnels if need be) Bandwidth: 200GB/m Turkey $5.95 >Order link!< There will only be 10 of these sold at most.

More plans available at our site.

Ping: (TR) Test file: (pm me for test file) Payment: We accept LibertyReserve and PayPal, with plans to add BitCoin support.


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